Korshad Seddiki is a leader of the Deastok sect of The Myriad. As an NPC, Korshad is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Korshad has deep brown skin with tattoos that curl up his arms and side of his neck. When Vox Machina saw him he was wearing light, billowing clothes of silver and maroon silks that ended at his elbows. He is adorned with series of gold and silver bracelets. His hair looks like a lion's mane of black and gray dreadlocks. He has a scar on his throat from ear to ear.[2]

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Korshad is a patient, intimidating, and mysterious figure by his own design, and he shrouds himself in illusion magic for his own protection and prestige, feeding the whispered myths about him that are legendary in unscrupulous circles.[1]

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Korshad has been a patient and intimidating figure in the underground of Deastok for over two decades by the time Vox Machina met him (and over forty years by the time the Mighty Nein are formed), sending missives to individuals throughout the empire who fall behind on their payments to the Myriad.[1]

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  1. Fan art of Korshad, by Jet (source).  Used with permission.
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