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This page is about Keyleth's father. For Caduceus' aunt, see Corrin Clay

Korrin is Keyleth's father and the former headmaster of the Air Ashari. As an NPC, Korrin is played by Matthew Mercer.



Korrin is an older, half-elven man with long silver hair. He wears the blue and white robes of the Air Ashari.[3] After the battle against Thordak in Emon, he developed a slight limp.[4]




Korrin married a fellow member of the Air Ashari, Vilya, and they had a daughter named Keyleth.[2] When Keyleth was a child, Vilya left Zephrah to complete her Aramenté, but she never returned.[2] Dwala, the Voice of the Tempest at the time, died of illness, and Korrin stepped in as headmaster until Keyleth could complete the Aramenté in her mother's stead.[5][2]

"Cindergrove Revisited" (1x46)

Following the destruction of Pyrah at the hands of Thordak, Korrin arrived with a number of other members of the Air Ashari to assist the survivors however possible. He accompanied Vox Machina on their trip to the caldera to investigate the elemental rift in the hopes of closing it. Upon sighting considerable enemies on the way there the group decided that attacking from multiple direction would be for the best, so Korrin took the Air Ashari on a different path.

When Vox Machina reached the portal, Keyleth signaled her father with Skywrite and he emerged from a clearing with the Air Ashari. The Ashari attempted to close the portal but were unable to do so alone. Vox Machina assisted with the various teleportation magics at their disposal, until Vax'ildan wrapped his Cape of the Mountebank around it, sealing it and destroying the cape. The ritual complete, Korrin commended his daughter and said he was proud of her. He also said that he was thinking of staying with the Fire Ashari for a while to help them rebuild. He encouraged her to save Tal'Dorei, finish her Aramenté, and share whatever wisdom she gained with her people upon her return. Keyleth asked how she should contact him should she need the Ashari, to which he simply told her to come home.

"The Siege of Emon" (1x78)

In preparation for the siege, Keyleth travelled to Zephrah to ask Korrin and the Air Ashari for aid. When she arrived Korrin informed her that he was already aware of the situation and readily offered the Ashari's support. They discussed tactics for a while before Keyleth returned to Whitestone.

"Voice of the Tempest" (1x90)

Upon completing her Aramenté, Keyleth returned to Zephrah for her coronation. Korrin lead the ceremony and presented Keyleth with the Mantle of the Tempest.

"Vox Machina Go to Hell" (1x91)

During the festivities following Keyleth's coronation, she realised that she didn't know if she was required to stay in Zephrah now or if she was allowed to continue on her adventures, so she sought out Korrin. He informed her that her main role would be to advise the Ashari should conflict or difficulty arise. Keyleth admitted to him that she sometimes felt angry with him for not sufficiently warning her how cruel the outside world could be, or better preparing her for her Aramenté. Korrin said they tried to warn her, and admitted that he had scouts following her for the first part of her journey to ensure her safety.

Keyleth asked what comes next for the Air Ashari and Korrin said he thought isolation may no longer be the best approach. They agreed that perhaps if the Ashari had allies to call upon, the Thordak incident would have gone differently. Keyleth told her father she needed to travel with Vox Machina for a while longer but would return to Zephrah when she's done. Korrin accepted this and told her that she was free to come and go as she pleased, as Zephrah was her home.

"The Chapter Closes" (1x115)

An unspecified number of years after the final battle against Vecna, on a cold winters day, Keyleth stood with her father at the edge of the village overlooking the sunset. Keyleth mused that she could better appreciate the beauty of the world because of the terrible things she'd seen. Korrin told her that he was proud of her, that he loved her and that she would always be his little girl.

After Campaign One

Fan art of Keyleth's family reuinited, by Olivia Rea.[art 2]

As of 836 PD, Korrin had reunited with Vilya after several decades of absence and her presumed death, thanks to the Mighty Nein finding her on the island of Rumblecusp. They live in Zephrah and serve as elders of the village under the leadership of Keyleth, the Voice of the Tempest.[2]


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