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Klaus Prigman is a Christmas elf fighter played by Matthew Mercer for "The Night Before Critmas" (Sx41).


You never came within 50 feet of a toy until last week, when the entire workforce got the shits. Village security is your bag and you are the best there is at what you do. Christmas Village is a place of goodness and cheer, but it's surrounded by some of the wildest territories known to man or elf, and it's not that uncommon for the occasional polar bear or lookie-loo to come sticking their nose over the edge of the village borders. You're the hard-boiled son of a bitch who leads the watch. Fucking deadly with a candy cane too.


Klaus has grey hair and bushy eyebrows that are mostly covered by his hooded cloak. His cheeks both have a red swirl in the center and his nose is akin to an arrowhead. He wields two striped candy canes as his main choice of weaponry.


Klaus is a hardy elf, with his main duties keeping watch at the outskirts of the North Pole and fighting away any creatures who trespass into the village.



"The Night Before Critmas" (Sx41)[]


Character Information[]


Fighter Abilities[]

  • Action Surge[4]
  • Extra Attack
  • Fighting Style
  • Martial Archetype (Battle Master)
    • Combat Superiority
    • Manuevers
      • Menacing Attack[5]
      • Riposte[6]
      • Trip Attack[7]
      • Disarming Attack[8]
    • Student of War
  • Second Wind

Notable Items[]

  • Dual Candy Canes[9]
  • A pair of "fighting gloves"[10]

Appearances and mentions[]


Klaus: Look at this, I'll fix it right here! "Some assembly required." There! Go! Ship it! We're done![11]



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