Kiri is a kenku child. As an NPC, Kiri is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Kiri Frumpkin by Amy King

Fan art of Kiri holding Frumpkin, by Amy King.[art 2]

Kiri is a kenku child, about the size of an adolescent human. Her body is covered in black feathers and she does not have wings; rather, she has exceedingly long fingers resembling a crow's primary feathers. She has bright, raven-like eyes and a long beak.[6]

Personality Edit

Kiri seems to be a kind and appreciative girl, saddened over losing her family but excited and hopeful that the Mighty Nein would "adopt" her. Kiri has no spoken language (Caleb's Comprehend Languages spell had no effect)[7], communicating instead through clicks, crowing noises, and mimicry. Her mimicry can replicate both the accent and the words of others. Most of the party found her behavior adorable, with Jester being especially enamored.

Kiri has a proclivity for picking up swear words with her mimicry and stabbing dead bodies with the dagger Fjord gave her. Nott views this as evidence that the Mighty Nein's behavior is "corrupting" Kiri.

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Kiri was one of four daughters to her parents, who all lived as a family unit somewhere near the valley people. They fled through the swamp to escape the fighting that broke out, where unfortunately Kiri got trapped in mud and her family were forced to abandon her. This is where she was discovered and saved by Jester.

Sadly, the Mighty Nein discovered the remains of several Kenku in the stomach of a crocodile that Jester concluded were probably her sisters, although it would appear that Kiri's parents were able to escape.

"Labenda Awaits" (2x20) Edit

Kiri was first encountered struggling in the swamp and under threat of two fast approaching crocodiles. Due to Jester's initial curiosity and then swift action upon realizing the dangerous situation, they managed to save Kiri and 'took her in' for the time being.

"Have Bird, Will Travel" (2x23) Edit

Jester got a detailed description of Kiri's parents but was unable to contact them with her Sending spell.

"The Hour of Honor" (2x24) Edit

Having arrived in Hupperdook, Yasha volunteered to babysit Kiri while the rest of the Mighty Nein continued on exploring, and partaking in a drinking contest. Jester later bought Kiri a music box from Cleff Tinkertop. After discovering the Shuster children, the Nein left Kiri with the kids while they continued on to Gearhold Prison.

"Divergent Paths" (2x25) Edit

BlackSalander Jeseter Kiri

Fan art of Jester and Kiri saying goodbye, by BlackSalander.[art 3]

For her safety, and following a tearful goodbye, Kiri was left in the care of the Schuster family.

"Chases and Trees" (2x65) Edit

Jester messaged Kiri to check on how she was doing and to let her know that the Mighty Nein were thinking about her.[8]

"From Door to Door" (2x81) Edit

While exploring the Folding Halls, the Mighty Nein learned from an outside ally that Hupperdook's factories had been attacked by the Kryn Dynasty. At first Jester was worried for Kiri's safety, but Beau reassured her that the Shuster kids were good at staying out of trouble.

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Beauregard Edit

Beau sees Kiri as fragile and thinks that she would probably fare better outside of the Mighty Nein. When Kiri mimicked Beau, Beau was taken aback learning what she sounded like. Leaving Kiri with the Shusters affected Beau more profoundly than she expected, reflecting that the act of first saving the Shusters from prison and then giving Kiri a home among them was the first truly selfless action she'd taken and it felt good.

Frumpkin Edit

C2E20 Kiri Frumpkin

Fan art of Kiri holding Frumpkin, by Elaine Tipping.[art 4]

Caleb used Frumpkin to soothe Kiri when the Mighty Nein first met her. Afterwards, Frumpkin and Kiri would frequently spend time together on the road or in inns.

Jester Edit

Jester and Kiri

Fan art of Jester and Kiri, by NLN4.[art 5]

Jester and Kiri seem to be fond of each other. Jester has tried to take care of Kiri, teaching her phrases for everyday use, helping her adapt to Dwendalian social norms, and attempting to contact her parents. In return, Kiri has been affectionate to Jester and used the phrases Jester taught her in unexpected ways.


According to Taliesin, Molly is actively avoiding getting to know Kiri because, much like Beau, he believes that her continued presence is putting her life at risk. In his own words: "He's avoiding Kiri for the same reason why you don't name animals you're going to butcher".

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  • "WELCOME TO THE MIGHTY NEIN!" (mimicked from Nott)
  • "It's sharp." (mimicked from Fjord)
  • "Where do babies come from?" (mimicked from Beau)
  • "I am Kiri!" (mimicked from Jester)
  • "Yes, I'm very sweet" (mimicked from Jester)
  • "Go fuck yourself!" (mimicked from Jester)
  • "This means we are friends?" (mimicked from Caleb)
  • "I killed people!" (mimicked from Calianna)
  • "Don't eat humans, okay?" (mimicked from Jester)
  • "Yeza was his name. The halfling man... from before." (mimicked from Nott)
  • "She's probably a good egg." (mimicked from Caleb)

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  • A full list of Kiri's imitations can be found here from CritRoleStats.

References Edit

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