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The King's Hall acts as the central courthouse of Zadash.


The Hall is a massive 20-foot tall single-story structure of bronze and cobalt. It has long thin windows about every 15 feet. The Crownsguard presence around this structure was quite large in 835 PD, with at least ten watching the front as general sentries. By 843 PD there was a relatively new statue of Erathis the Lawbearer in front of the building.[1]


There are two round tables with curved benches along their sides. Beyond this are were two hallway entrances that lead further into the King' Hall.


A ten-foot by five-foot, heavy piece of wooden board stands about four feet from the main entrance to the right. Clearly labeled, it had the words Task Board pressed into the top of the wood. It had many dozens of nails, some of which were used to staple a number of pieces of parchment which contained paying work that could be taken on. On one side of the Task Board, there was an engraved bronze plaque that stated "all job inquiries are to be taken to Herald of the Hall, Voloshin.[2]

Some of the listed tasks include the following:

  • General construction work in reinforcing buildings that were crumbling.[3]
  • Help shooing away parts of the Outersteads that are encroaching upon the farmlands on the outside of the wall.[4]
  • "Seeking and paying for any information on Myriad activity in the city."[5]
  • "Reward for information on rebel gatherings and anti-Crown rhetoric."[6]
  • "Proof of others' worship of heretical gods paid in gold."[7]
  • "Looking for work for the glory of our King Bertrand . Good pay and adventurous living as a soldier of the Righteous Brand. Seek Leopold Wanstiker at the Marrow Keep, in the Signet Wall."[8]
  • "Roving beast in need of extermination. Must be trained sellsword with experience."[9]

Writ of Lawmaster Intent[]

By accepting a task, one receives a writ of Lawmaster intent which both grants unimpeded entrance to a location of where a job is supposed to take place and enables those whose names are written within to collect the funds promised when proof of tasks completed are presented.


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