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For the episode, see "The King's Cage" (2x69).

The King's Cage is a temple dedicated to Torog, the Crawling King, built around a primal fane of corrupting power Pre-Calamity.[1] In actuality, the temple was built by the Prime Deities Moradin and Sehanine as a trap in order to banish Torog, and later imprison his champion The Laughing Hand. It is located five to six miles west of Bazzoxan.[2] The entrance is hidden from view.


The Entrance[]

The entrance of the temple is hidden. 30 feet to the right of the entrance, hidden in shadow is a small palm size pocket. When a round stone crest is pressed into the small pocket the entrance is revealed as a small, six-foot tunnel on the side of the mountain. The seal is inscribed with a carving of a simple mouth with teeth, and there are runes above and below it, reading "Let lie the king's instrument, deathless and detained, until the world ends."[3]

The Tunnel[]

From the entrance the tunnel is steadily descending pathway, seven-foot high, six feet wide.[4] After two hundred feet the tunnel turns towards Bazzoxan[5] after two miles the walls stop, and it opens up into some sort of chamber or variation beyond where the walls are on longer there.[6] Tt opens up into a larger cylindrical tunnel, 40 feet in diameter, going to the left and right.[7] The left passageway is fully caved in and collapsed.[8] The right tunnel continues to drop down. Eventually on the right side of the tunnel, there is an four sided needle like obelisk that emerges from the ground, rising up about 15 feet.[9] The tunnel continues before it slopes further down.

The Obelisk The obelisk is slate gray off color[10] with vertical abyssal symbols on each side of it that has been defaced. The symbols read "Build every bridge, become every nightmare, feast on every heart"[11]

On the right side of the Obelisk is another small ten-foot square tunnel.[12] At the end of this tunnel there is a set of stone doors[13] with two figures, one on each door, beautiful alabaster, humanoid features, smooth skin, no hair, folded wings on their back, robes, and they're both just blank expressions. There are trails of crimson down their faces.[14] The door lead to a subterranean courtyard.

Subterranean courtyard[]

Weeping angel BlackSalander

Fan art of statue of a weeping angel, by BlackSalander.[art 1]

The subterranean courtyard has a crescent form with a curved wall, floor-to-ceiling. The ground is uneven with rocks and scraps of metal. There are a 14 statues, all humanoid, sitting, all facing the far wall. They all are of white stone, smooth head, no hair, folded wings across the back, robes, bleeding from the eyes, and all sitting.[15] The statues are lightly vibrating. Beside the statues there are celestial bodies buried with their armor and weapons.[16]

The far wall is a deep, black stone, with grooves about every ten feet or so that just striate up the side. There is a single, 20 feet wide, 15 feet tall adamantine door with a yellow gem that is affixed and a dangling loose chain that dangling from it.[17] The door sits in the center of the wall.[18]

The Collapsed Room[]

Kings Cage Colasped

The Collapsed Room.[19]

Is an 80 by 60 feet interior room. There are three pillars, and a collapsed corner on the right side.[20] There are two sets of doors, one large gate of intersecting lattice metal bars that are at angles in each side. An inch to an inch and a half between each portion of this lattice that's open and it's shattered beyond that.[21] There is a central bar that ties the two doors together in the center there is a keyhole through which mist is emerging.[22] The room is covered with spiderwebs and sacks stuffed in small alcoves.[23] Beyond the gate is a 10 feet wide and seven feet tall tunnel[24] leading to an descending spiral staircase.

Staircase kings cage

The Radiant Stair.[25]

The Radiant Stair[]

Emerging from the staircase is a foot thick mist that covers the floor.[26] Five feet from the far wall there's a 10 feet hole in the floor. The spiral staircase is three feet wide and spirals down to the right.[27][28] One of the steps is trapped, triggering a very subtle hum,[29], summoning an Invisible Stalker[30], and an electrifying wave periodically goes through the staircase[31]

Bottem Staircase kings cage

The Radiant Stair Bottom.[32]

On the bottom of the stairs is a large gold, brass and silver tower with a blue crystal at the top[33] There is a small oval-shaped alcove in the tower with a brass metal dangling in the center with the little blue sparks on each side.[34] There is a door made with similar material as the tower without a handle there is a small slot where a crystal can be placed.[35][36]

KC The Discard pits

The Discard Pits.[37]

The Discard Pits[]

The Discard Pits is a ten-foot[38] room with an archway that opens into an octagonal room with another door.[39] The archways lead into an octagonal room[40] with chains an manacles hanging from the wall on each side and a rack with implements and tools.[41]

On each side of the room are two, 15-foot by 5 feet, 45 degree slopes that disappear out of view towards the walls. At the end of the slops are piles of undeadbodies.[42][43] Some of the undead have glowing heart pearls.[44]

In the center is a two-and-a-half feet high pedestal.[45] it has a smooth top, with grooved designs in the sides that spiral from the ground to the top.[46] It has three concave openings in a triangular formation on top. When three glowing pearls are placed in the holes the groove fills with light and the door open.[47]

The Bridge[]

Keeping Watch - BlackSalander

Fan art of Keeping Watch, by BlackSalander.[art 2]

15 feet beyond the entrance the rock, dry, dirt, dust surface comes to an natural cavern. At the very edge, bolted into the cliff side, is a pair of heavy, metallic bolts, like poles, with giant, drilled screws and metal spikes set into the side. Massive chains reaching out into a ten-foot wide, elongated iron bridge that bows 120 feet[48] out into the darkness.[49]

In the middle of the bridge 20 feet from it are two stalagmites, they rise up into 15 feet wide platforms that have rusted iron cages on them.[50] Within the cages are bones and armor.[51] When noise is produced the chasm begins to whisper, almost maddening.[52] Below the bridge is a mass of skin, flesh, muscle, teeth, mouths and eyes, that move against itself, writhing and shifting.[53] On the ceiling between the stalactites lives a roper.[54] On the other side of the bridge there is no platform. The bridge is bolted onto large rocky towers and there is an archway that the bridge goes right into. Beyond the archway is hallway that leads to the next chamber.[55]

The Mirrored Halls[]

This room is made out some of 15 feet tall cold, cut reflective surfaces embedded in stone walls. [56] The cavern is very refined, and also very rough and natural. [57] There's a tunnel that curves around and opens up into a hallway that turns left and then breaches around. There's a whole series of scattered tunnels that all move and weave. [58] When some of the mirrors are touched it a feral mirror images of the individual, pulls them within the mirror bringing them to a mirrored realm.[59] There is a rectangular archway, blocked by a crystal barrier embedded within a thick brass frame.[60] On the brass frame are five ovals placed, one in the top and 2 on both sides of the frame.[61] When the ovals are hit they make a sound. If the ovals are hit in the correct order a melody is created and the glacial wall moves.[62] Mist pours out from the interior and about five feet beyond it is another door. This door is split in the center. In the door is a carved angel, wings open. The eye lids almost closed. The hands are both forward clutched in the chest and its heads looking down. [63] When opened it reveals a tunnel that leads to The heart of the King's Cage.

KC The Mirrored Realm

The Mirrored Realm.[64]

The Mirrored Realm This world is mirrored to the halls. [65] On this side of the mirror there is no crystal blocking a hallway[66] In this chamber is an dagger jammed into a brass sheath that is embedded in the stone wall. The dagger has a pearl carved handle, small hilt, and the blade looks like Damascus steel. The design on it has spiraling grooves. [67] Beside the dagger is a mirror that once the dagger is removed it can be passed through.[68]

The Heart of the King's Cage[]

KC Tomb 10629

Screenshot of the tomb of the Laughing Hand from "The King's Cage" (2x69).[art 3]

The entrance to this chamber is a 20 feet wide platform with two 20 feet staircases spiraling down. In the chamber are candelabras affixed to multiple points, torches to each side that are gently flickering. [69] In the middle lays a 10 by 10 feet sarcophagus that has three sets of dark chains pulled across it,[70] and a faint golden sigil. [71]

On the ceiling is a massive mural depicting a violent, swollen, pale, worm body, coiled to a grotesque length, burrowing through landscapes of vibrant trees, turbulent oceans, fiery mountains, and desolate barrens. At the center of the worm extends three elongated arms ending in grasping hands, wreathing a bulbous, hairless, humanoid head, screaming, bearing a crooked crown. The eyes are black voids, the mouth open, the grimace revealing rows of serrated teeth.[72]


The King's Cage was a trap: unbeknownst to the Torog, the Crawling King, the temple had been secretly constructed by Moradin and Sehanine. When the Crawling King was defeated by the holy light of Pelor and Sarenrae, the "King's Cage" was instrumental in imprisoning the Betrayer God. With the Crawling King bound to the fane, he was banished and sealed away at the fane's source of power: the Far Realm.

After the Divergence, the still-corrupted King's Cage fell under the control of the Crawling King's zealots, including the undying Champion of the Crawling King, known only as "The Laughing Hand". The followers of the Moonweaver fought the forces of the Crawling King on the very steps of the King's Cage. Upon realizing that the Laughing Hand could never truly be slain, the Moonweaver's celestials martyred themselves to seal away the temple. It was their hope that the King's Cage and the zealots within would remain forgotten, and thus could never be unsealed and unleashed on the world.

"Beneath Bazzoxan" (2x66)[]

The Mighty Nein go into the King’s Cage in search of Obann, with Locate Object they find crest placed inside an palm side alcove, and read the inscription. It had already opened the door into the cliff side, they enter the tunnel and find the obelisk marking a side tunnel. Down that tunnel thee two doors are already opened and the statues are appearing to be weep blood. Nott goes Invisible and enters through the doors, finding a room filled with fourteen Aasimar statues, kneeling, all weeping blood, surrounded by what seems to be Aasimar skeletons and the remnants of a battle. They face a huge adamantine portcullis door. Thrumming through the statues, the party can hear faint oboe-like music. Caleb sends Frumpkin under the, already opened door into the dark room beyond, but he can see little without light. Fjord and Caduceus transform to look like Yasha. The still-invisible Nott creeps beneath the adamantine door and into the chamber within.

"Beyond the Eyes of Angels" (2x67)[]

The party crawl under the door while Nott gets entangled in a web. Caleb is able to free Nott, but it disturbs the webs. There are multiple spiders coming, and one large mama spider who immediately webs and pulls Caleb to her. Caleb Polymorphs into an image of the mama. Nott, with a natural 20 and sneak attack, manages to kill the mama spider quickly and the swarm of lesser spiders is fairly quickly dispatched. They investigate the room, finding a key and a spell scroll of Protection from Energy. The key fits the gate and they go through into the hallway and creep downward stealthily, but Fjord, in the lead, steps on a trapped step, and a low humming sound begins. They move down as quickly as possible, being attacked by a shape emerging periodically from the mist. At set intervals and with increasing intensity, lightning from below shocks and damages all of them. Beau uses Slow Fall to reach the bottom. Jester and Caleb both Polymorph into giant eagles and fly the party to the bottom. Meanwhile, Beau finds a blue-sparking piece of brass and grabs it. She then inserts the piece of metal into the doorway and it gets pulled in and the door opens. The party goes through the door before Caduceus slams it shut behind them.

As Beau investigate the pedestal, it seems to shift down an inch and the masses of undead in the piles below begin to attack. They notice that some of them leave behind a faintly glowing golden heart when they die. After much experimentation they need three glowing hearts to put in the pedestal. As each one goes in, one of the grooves in the pedestal lights up. As the third glowing heart is dropped into the pedestal, all the remaining undead collapse and both doors to the chamber open. They move into the next room with the bridge. At Fjord's urging, Beau tosses a ball bearing into the chasm, awakening a chorus of hundreds of whispering, moaning, screaming voices which gradually subside as she resists their influence and backs away. Caleb casts the tiny hut, for a long rest. Jester Sends to Obann, saying, "This place is really scary. We have her. How far is it? What is this place? Did you know there were gold hearts? Okay, anyway, bye." He replies, "Oh, yes. I've made my way as well. I'm glad you've kept up. Hope to see you soon. Just be careful. Wouldn't want you spoiled." Nott raises her voice at one point and the whispers rise up again from the chasm, this time causing Nott, Yasha, and Beau to go catatonic for six seconds. Caleb wraps his silver thread around the party's little fingers so they'll know if anyone tries to wander off, putting Yasha at one end at her request. With Beau volunteering to take first watch, they begin what they hope will be a long rest.

"Reflections" (2x68)[]

Yasha and Nott take first watch, Beau and Caleb take second watch, Caduceus and Fjord take the last watch, and nothing happened. When everyone wakes, they decide to tie themselves together, 15 feet apart, to cross the bridge. Caleb send vulture-Frumpkin ahead to scout, and he spots two cages. They move across slowly and stealthily to the center point, directly across from the first cage, and as the whispers rise causing Beau to walk off the edge, being hauled back by the rope. They continue, the whispers cause catatonia or dashes in random directions, and both Nott and Caleb ineffectually try melee attacks against the party. Nott panics and cuts the rope, stealthing ahead of the party. They reach the second cage, Caleb sends Frumpkin inside the cage and he finds a magical whip. Just then, a roper on the ceiling attacks. Jester Banishes it. They continue, the whispers make Nott dash off the bridge into the mass of whisperers below. Jester dives after her and Dimension Doors them both to safety at the end of the bridge. When they reach the end. They move into the chamber on the other side and discover that at least some of the walls are reflective.

Fresh footprints in the dust lead up towards the glacier wall. Caduceus uses Speak with Dead on the skull that Jester brought with them, learning that it was slain by those it was charged to contain, but succeeded. It was charged to contain "The Laughing Hand, timeless and seeking the torment of all, the Undying Chosen," who cannot be defeated, only sealed, and this was his tomb. Fjord catches movement out of the corner of his eye while they're investigating. He touches the mirror, but nothing changes. Yasha puts her hand to a mirror and her wrist is seized and she is pulled into it, facing a doppelgänger self in The Mirror Realm. She cannot get back through the mirror, and attacks the creature. Moments later, Fjord puts his hand to the mirror, and is pulled through by himself. Yasha manages to kill her feral version, and moves to help Fjord, when a feral Caleb attacks her from behind. Outside, Caduceus sees an dagger jammed into the wall, that does not exist in the "real" world. When he goes toward a mirror, he also pulled in, but his Spirit Guardians quickly finish off all three remaining doppelgängers. Yasha pulls the dagger out of the wall. Caduceus then discovers they can go back through the mirror to the normal world, putting his head out. Fjord pulls Jester and Beau through the mirror with them and they all investigate, but find nothing more. The rest of the party rejoin them in the normal world. They discover that tapping the egg-shaped protuberances around the door creates varying tones, and Jester is able to re-create the song she heard thrumming through the statues when they first entered this cavern. The wall cracks open, Nott uses Mage Hand to place the blade of the dagger in the angel's hands, and the door splits open, revealing another chamber beyond.

"The King's Cage" (2x69)[]

BlackSalander - Darkest dungeon1144469382006898689

Fan art of the release of the Laughing Hand, by BlackSalander.[art 4]

The party takes a short rest and enter the final chamber. They are investigating the room when suddenly Obann comes in behind them, telling them a bit of the history of this buried temple. He then asks the Mighty Nein why they have followed him. Obann greets Yasha as the Orphanmaker and drops his disguise. Yasha recognizes his true form as the figure from her dreams. He tells them he is in this place to follow the design of The Angel of Irons. He thanks the Mighty Nein for helping him find one of the Angel's "lost children". He takes off flying into the air, pulls out a stone slab, and begins reading. The Mighty Nein attack. Despite the party's best efforts, they are unable to stop his reading and only slightly wound him. As he concludes his reading, the tablet flashes, the chains shatter off, and the lid of the sarcophagus explodes upward.

"By light or by blight, the dark eternal shall not be confined, shall not be contained.
The bonds of the clean wither with flame expended.
Chains to chains. To be bound is to break free.
Fulfill thy destined path and awaken."
The Abyssal tablet to release the Laughing Hand[73]

The Laughing Hand stands, Obann shouts to the figure and encourages it to join the fight before flying up to the ceiling. The Hand calls forth spirit creatures in the shape of dark hounds that emerge from the shadows, who attack Yasha. The Nein realize immediately that The Laughing Hand is likely unkillable, according to the incriptions they found as they entered his tomb, and that they need to get out. After a long fight Obann looks at Yasha and murmurs, "Avenge me." This causes a sharp burning pain in the back of her neck at the base of her skull, forgotten anger wells up within her. The party decide they need to retreat. Fjord tries to take Yasha out of the room but she refuses and remains behind. Fjord is confused as to why Yasha isn't with him outside the chamber. Beau pulls the dagger out of the doors, and they begin swinging shut. Not every one as escaped the chamber yet and Beau puts the dagger back in the door to start it re-opening. Retrieving the last of the nein, save Yasha, outside the chamber, Jester tries to use the whip to bring Yasha to join them, but fails, and as the doors close she reaches toward Yasha, sobbing.

As the stone door in the Angel room closes behind them. They hear heavy footsteps and a loud hammering as The Laughing Hand tries to beat the door down so he can escape his prison. The Mighty Nein dash across the bridge spanning the whispering chasm as fast as they can, narrowly avoiding the effects of the voices. They kill the mist creature guarding the spiral staircase leading upward, dash back through the spiderling chamber, and into the dusty mid-afternoon of the base of the Ashkeepers at the edge of the Barbed Fields.


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