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The Keystone Pub is an inn in Berleben that was under construction when the Mighty Nein visited it in 835 PD. The purveyor of this establishment for the previous ten years was Dent Bonswallow, who inherited it from his father.[1]

Building Description[]

The pub was built on top of an old building that had fallen into itself and collapsed. It looked haphazard and somewhat unstable with bits of broken stone. It had an eight-foot rope ladder hanging down the front that led into an open archway on the top, and a small crooked tower, about 25 feet high.[2]

Hey! Welcome to the Keystone Pub! Oldest pub in the Labenda! The oldest pub in the Labenda is beneath this one, but we rebuilt it.


The inside was a warmly lit, though dark, cozy cramped space. It was made from wood and resembled being below deck on ship at sea. A handful of oil lanterns created heavily shaded areas.[4] In the corner on the right side of the pub was a small five by five foot stage in the process of being built.[5] The left side of the pub had a medium-sized, L-shaped bar. Behind it were three oil lamps and some ale kegs. Behind and to the back of the bar in a dark corner was a hatch with a ladder that led to the downstairs area.[6]

It's quaint and rustic.


Below the inn were subterranean rooms in the ruin of the old establishment, built after the area was cleared of the water and debris that had fallen in.[8]

There were four separate rooms with a small cross-section hallway between them. Two of the rooms were dry, but two of the rooms had about half an inch of water on the floor. The rooms had no windows, one bed and a small oil lamp.[9] The cost of these rooms was a silver piece per person.[10]



Jinjidraws Albino Dwarf

Fan art of The albino dwarf, by Jinjidraws.[art 2]

There were about six patrons in this pub in "Labenda Awaits" (2x20), including:

  • a gruff-looking human male fisherman[11]
  • a tough-looking albino dwarf dude, with pale white skin, jet white-gray hair, white eyebrows, big white beard, a black leather vest tucked into billowing dark brown pants and boots, and scars and tattoos across his forearms[12]
  • Febron Keyes usually hung out in this pub.[13]

Campaign Two: The Mighty Nein[]

"Labenda Awaits" (2x20)[]

The Mighty Nein, after saving Kiri in the Labenda Swamp, went to Berleben following The Gentleman's instructions to go to the Keystone Pub and meet their contact, Febron Keyes. His job was to meet people, lead them to the safe house, and then escort them back out. The last time he returned there, though, he heard a low, echoing howl and all of those who were there dead and strung up outside as a warning. He ran. 100 gp and a drink is enough to convince him to escort the Nein there, however. Because the Nein made the mistake to pay him in advance, they made him sleep with one of them, Febron chooses Yasha Nydoorin.

"Stalker in the Swamp" (2x21)[]

After a night's rest, the Mighty Nein gather upstairs for a breakfast. A hooded female named Calianna Mordsson approach them and ask if they go in the swamps because she's desperate to go there herself. She's looking for The Gentleman's safe house and believes there's an item she's looking for inside. The item is a bowl that's part of a ritual, and is being sought by the Cult of the Caustic Heart who whorshipped Tiamat, the Scaled Tyrant.


  • The strongest drink served was the Labenda Throat Grog. It was the same color as the Labenda Swamp (green and shitty), burned your throat, and tasted like grog. It cost about 3 copper pieces.[14]


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