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+++I would like to rage.
---Travis Willingham{{ep ref|ep=1x01|1:11:11}}

For more information on how to use quotations, see:
  • {{quotebox}} for the floating quotation boxes;
  • {{quote multi}} for dialogue or multiline quotations (which can be used in quoteboxes or articles); and
  • {{quote list}} (ideal for episode and character pages).

Quotations in This List Edit

I don’t know if I’m the leader you deserve, or a good leader, but I’m willing to dedicate the rest of my life to doing whatever I can for all of us. As long as Vox Machina stands by my side.
Keyleth, Voice of the Tempest[1]

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And you should know, Raishan, I've stepped on plenty of anthills in my day. Those that don't die revolt. And guess what? There's some pretty nasty stings from some ants out there. The strength of a colony is stronger than the individual of one great, diseased foot.
Keyleth to Raishan before their final confrontation[2]
Keyleth: Guys, we are friends right? Are we friends?

Percy: Worse. We are-

Percy and Grog: Family
at hearing Scanlan saying they never liked him (episode 85).
Quote 1.
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Quote 2.
Source 2

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Reflist Edit

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  2. See "The Deceiver's Stand" (1x83) at 0:33:21.
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