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Keyleth's Family - Olivia Rea

Fan art of Keyleth's family reuinited, by Olivia Rea.[art 1]

Keyleth's family is one of the families of the Air Ashari living in Zephrah, made up of three half-elven druids. Two of its members had set out to complete the Aramenté, but only one succeeded.


When Keyleth was only five or six years old, Vilya set out to complete her Aramenté and become headmaster, but she never returned.[1] During the years that passed with no word from Vilya, Korrin served as acting leader of the Air Ashari[2][3] while Keyleth became next in line.

As such, Keyleth had to undergo training and her people had very high expectations of her.[4] When she came of age at twenty years old, Korrin sent Keyleth out on her own Aramenté to seek out the sister-tribes of the Ashari, establish respect and communication between the fellow headmasters, and become a strong leader for her people. With help from Vox Machina, Keyleth would eventually complete the task, earning the title of "Voice of the Tempest". Upon Keyleth's return to Zephrah, Korrin personally passed on the mantle of leadership to his daughter, appointing her as the new headmaster of the tribe.[5]

Almost twenty years later Vilya returned to Zephrah, stepping through a tree portal from Rumblecusp. Her daughter Keyleth saw her arrival and ran into her arms.[6]

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