Keg is a dwarven fighter from Shady Creek Run. She was formerly a member of the Iron Shepherds. Keg is played by special guest Ashly Burch.

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Appearance Edit

Keg is a stout, muscular dwarven woman with a 5 o'clock shadow and short, greasy hair. When she first encountered the Mighty Nein, Keg was seen with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. She wears extremely battered, bloodied, rusted armor. She wields a large axe in one hand and a hammer in the other.[1]


Full body portrait of Keg, by Ari.[art 2]

Personality Edit

Keg presents a very cocksure, headstrong, and proud facade. She has a strong sense of self preservation, and she is canonically a coward. Keg is bisexual, and she (canonically) does not have object permanence.[2]

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Keg was born and raised in Shady Creek Run. At some point, she married another woman, but the other woman called it off after one hour.[3]

Keg was a member of the Iron Shepherds for long enough to know Dwelma, Wohn, Protto, Lorenzo, and Ruzza, though she didn't fully understand Lorenzo or Ruzza's capabilities.

"Found & Lost" (2x26) Edit


Fan art of Keg, by Hugo Cardenas.[art 3]

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Relationships Edit

Beauregard Edit

Keg was very impressed with Beau's skills, admitting to being aroused by Beau's surgical extraction of acid from a slain monster and her monkey-like acrobatics in the treetops. They hook up after Lorenzo is slain.


Keg was initially very put off by both Nott's appearance and antics. Over the course of their adventures, though, Keg warms up to Nott. Eventually, Keg comes to view Nott as a friend, even saying so in her goodbye letter to Nott.


Keg had a soft sport for Wohn, thinking that she wasn't as bad as the rest of the Iron Shepherds. When the Mighty Nein fought isolated members of the Iron Shepherds on the first floor of the Sour Nest, Keg attacked Wohn and helped Caleb to finish her off.

Character Information Edit

Abilities Edit

Feats Edit

  • Dual Wielder[1]

Dwarf Abilities Edit

  • Darkvision
  • Dwarven Combat Training
  • Dwarven Resilience
  • Stonecunning

Fighter Abilities Edit

  • Action Surge
  • Extra Attack
  • Fighting Style (Two-Weapon Fighting)[1]
  • Martial Archetype (Champion)
    • Improved Critical
  • Second Wind

Notable Items Edit

  • Battleaxe[1] with a medallion hanging off the bottom of it
  • Warhammer[1]
  • Javelins[4]
  • Broken spectacles used for reading
  • Plate armor[5]

Quotations Edit

  • "Keg is aroused."

Trivia Edit

  • Keg is often "aroused" by Beauregard, particularly when she acts violently.
  • Keg does not have object permanence.[2]
  • Keg is bisexual.[6]

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