Keelyn is a half-elven man working at the Landlocked Lady. As an NPC, Keelyn is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Keelyn is a young, half-elven man with curly mop of bright-red hair and vibrant green eyes.[1]

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"Converging Fury" (2x27) Edit

Keelyn was manning the front desk at The Landlocked Lady as Beau, Caleb, Nott, Keg, and Nila were leaving in the morning. He greeted them and advised them to "listen carefully" while talking to the Mardoons.[2] He continued sipping on his tea and wished them good luck.[3]

Trivia Edit

  • Keelyn's bright green eyes have led to speculation that he is actually the Traveler, as Keelyn, the Traveler, and Artagan all have green eyes. In addition, Keelyn and Artagan share red hair.[4]
    • In a Tweet, Matt Mercer confirmed that Keelyn was indeed the Traveler.[5]

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