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Kaylie is a gnomish bard and the daughter of Scanlan Shorthalt. As an NPC, she is played by Matthew Mercer.

Fan art of Kaylie, by Kileigh Gallagher.[art 2]



Kaylie is a cute, young gnomish girl with short brown hair in a pixie cut.[11]




Growing up, Kaylie's mother, a gnome named Sybil, told her many tales about her father, Scanlan. Sybil had encountered Scanlan years ago, becoming pregnant with Kaylie, unbeknownst to Scanlan. Although Scanlan's memory was a bit fuzzy, he recalled that Sybil had golden hair, was eager to escape her simple beginnings, and became very clingy very quickly. Scanlan had left before learning of the pregnancy, leaving Sybil to raise her child on the income of a quilter. Sybil had even taken on a third job just south of Silvercut to support them.[12]

Kaylie grew up mostly in Kymal. Being the only young gnome in such a rural town presented many dangers to Kaylie, so she learned to use both a blade and her charm to survive. She stole and lied, eventually raising enough money to train at the College of the White Duke, a bard college in Westruun. In Kaylie's third year of study, Dr. Dranzel's Spectacular Traveling Troupe passed through town, and she joined up with them.[13]

"A Musician's Nostalgia" (1x37)

Vox Machina encountered Kaylie while she played the flute in Dr. Dranzel's Spectacular Traveling Troupe in Emon's Diamond Nest Tavern.[14] Scanlan flirted with her, but she was quick to say she'd heard several tales about his womanizing and knew better than to get involved. Scanlan challenged her to a "flute-off" in order to create a distraction to allow the rest of Vox Machina to sneak into the Clasp lair beneath the tavern. Despite his stunning performance, Scanlan let Kaylie win in the hope of winning her favor, forgetting that he bet his purse on the duel. As a result, Scanlan lost approximately 2,600 gold coins to Kaylie.

"Echoes of the Past" (1x38)

Fan art of Kaylie preparing to attack Scanlan[15], by advocatingAvian.[art 3]

Later, Scanlan invited Dr. Dranzel's troupe into Greyskull Keep. Scanlan proceeded to flirt with Kaylie and was pleased when she accepted his invitation back up to his room. After some wine and lengthy conversation (mostly about Scanlan's past adventures), Kaylie remarked that she had heard those tales before, slowly and dramatically revealing her heritage as Scanlan's biological daughter. Drawing a dagger on Scanlan, Kaylie prepared to kill her father, blaming him for abandoning her mother and being responsible for her rough upbringing. Scanlan, unaware that he had a child, was shocked by this revelation and made an impassioned speech to get to know her or—if she must have her revenge—offering his life without challenge. Kaylie couldn't go through with killing him, her lunge attack instead devolving into an embrace.[16]

Fan art of Kaylie in "Omens" (1x39), by Markus Price.[art 4]

"Omens" (1x39)

Following her failed attempt to kill her father, Kaylie went out drinking and started a tavern brawl to let off steam.[18] Scanlan—with help from Percy—got himself thrown into Kaylie's cell and used Dimension Door to break them both out of jail. She rejoined Dr. Dranzel and his troupe outside, and they left Emon to avoid the authorities—fortunately avoiding the Chroma Conclave's attack in the process.[19]

"Best Laid Plans..." (1x50)

Scanlan later reunited with Kaylie and Dr. Dranzel, whose troupe was hiding in Westruun following Kevdak's conquest of the town.[20] Scanlan had Dimension Door-ed into the chapel in which the troupe was hiding after he had drawn the attention of the Herd of Storms in the city square.

"Test of Pride" (1x51)

Fan art of Kaylie creating the illusion of Stonejaw Strongjaw, by Jessica Huegel (@Cryptobaffling).[art 5]

A couple of the Herd members broke down the door to look inside the chapel, but Scanlan and Kaylie created the visual and auditory illusions of Stonejaw Strongjaw's floating head to scare them off. Scanlan proceeded to help Dr. Dranzel, Kaylie, and the other survivors to reach the sewers and sneak out of the city. During this encounter, Kaylie seemed to still hold some resentment toward Scanlan but was more accepting of the fact that they were both a part of one another's lives now.[21][22]

"Hope" (1x56)

After Vox Machina liberated Westruun of Umbrasyl and the Herd, part of the group took Kerrek to retrieve the city's refugees that had fled to Kymal, Kaylie's hometown. While there, Scanlan sought out Kaylie, finding her with an injured Dr. Dranzel. During this encounter, there was an obvious concern from Kaylie toward her father and relief that he had survived, revealing the continued softening of her heart toward him. Scanlan explained that he had always known he was meant to love a gnome, and he had assumed that gnome to be Pike Trickfoot, but he now realized that it was Kaylie he was meant to protect and support. He vowed that he would defeat the Chroma Conclave and return to be the father that Kaylie wanted and deserved. Scanlan presented to Kaylie his Singing Dawnblade, which contained a small amount of Scanlan's Poo of Scrying in the scabbard. Kaylie hugged him and, before parting ways, asked Pike to ensure that Scanlan would keep his promise to return safely.[23]

"The Deceiver's Stand" (1x83)

Keyleth used her Scrying Eye to find Kaylie, and saw her drinking in a bar in Kymal, insulting the performer and pick pocketing people. Keyleth attempted to talk to her through the spell, knowing that some magical practitioners are able to sense when they are being Scried on, but Kaylie did not respond.

Vex'ahlia got Eskil Ryndarien to teleport her to Kymal, and found Kaylie in that same bar, in a drunken stupor. Vex slapped her across the face to wake her up, prompting Kaylie to draw her dagger. Vex told her it was about her father, and Kaylie responded dismissively. Vex picked her up,and Kaylie threatened her until Vex said Scanlan was dead. She asked how he died, and laughed at the idea of him dying heroically. Vex attempted to persuade Kaylie to go help with her father's resurrection, and Kaylie agreed to do so. She didn't think she'd be able to contribute much, but she would at least like to see his body. Vex handed her the Gate Stone, explained to her how it worked, and Kaylie used it to teleport to Whitestone.

"Loose Ends" (1x84)

Upon arriving in Whitestone, Kaylie rushed into the temple of The Raven Queen to see Scanlan's body. She slapped him across the face, saying "You made me a promise!" She stormed out, and Pike followed her, telling her how much Scanlan loves her. She left to get a drink.

An hour later, Kaylie returned, visibly drunk and Pike began the ritual. For Kaylie's contribution to the ritual, she jumped onto the altar and took out her fiddle. Vax'ildan quickly used Lay on Hands to rid her of the alcohol in her system, and she played and danced. The ritual completed and the life returned to Scanlan's body, but he remained asleep. Kaylie slapped him again and left.

Later, when Vox Machina were preparing to leave for Emon, Kaylie saw the state they'd left Scanlan's room in and laughed about it. She promised the party she'd stay with him until he woke up.

"A Bard's Lament" (1x85)

Vox Machina returned to Whitestone, to find Kaylie asleep in Scanlan's room. Grog woke her up, and Scanlan came to at the commotion. Scanlan then asked Kaylie to leave the room so he could have a conversation with his party members. With Kaylie out of the room, Scanlan confronted them for bringing her to see his dead body after he had promised her he wouldn't die. He told them that none of them knew or cared about him; they only kept him around for the things he could do; that Kaylie was the only thing that mattered to him, and now she may never trust him again. Percy yelled at him to be a father to his daughter and stormed out. Outside, he saw that Kaylie had been just outside the door, listening to the whole thing.

As Percy left, Kaylie walked past him into the room, grabbed her things, and asked Scanlan if he was coming with her. Scanlan replied that he was and agreed to meet her downstairs. After saying goodbye, Scanlan left the castle with Kaylie.

"Jugs and Rods" (1x94)

When Percy used the Scrying Eye to check in on Scanlan, he saw him and Kaylie performing for a group of farm folk in the Turst Fields.

"Unfinished Business" (1x100)

Kaylie was masquerading as the Meat Man while Scanlan was away from Ank'Harel. She was discussing something with another member of their organization but sent him away as Vox Machina arrived. She dropped her disguise and Scanlan informed the group that Kaylie was his second-in-command, affectionately titled "the Crutch". When the party asked if she could give them any potions, she loaned them an item that would allow the user to heal by drinking alcohol, however, she made them promise to bring it back.

"The Final Ascent" (1x113)

Kaylie was kidnapped by Vecna and disguised as a guard, along with Cassandra and Gilmore. She was accidentally killed by Vax'ildan, but was resurrected by Pike. Both she and Cassandra were taken safely back to Whitestone by Gilmore.

"The Chapter Closes" (1x115)

Kaylie recovered in Whitestone and was relieved when Scanlan returned. He asked if she wanted to return to Ank'harel, but she said it never felt like home. Scanlan suggested they train another to take up the mantle of the Meat Man. Kaylie agreed, provided they take a twenty percent cut of the profits due to it being their idea. When trying to decide what to do next, Scanlan asked if she'd ever finished school. She admitted that she hadn't, and Scanlan said he'd pay for her tuition provided that was something she wanted to do. Kaylie said it was. She suggested attending the Lyceum, to show the rich kids that she was better than them. Kaylie then somewhat tearfully told Scanlan that she was happy he'd survived and would continue to be a part of her life.[24]

"Dalen's Closet" (Sx47)

Kaylie was in attendance at Vex and Percy's wedding, and was sharing a room with her father. After Vex asked Scanlan to walk her down the aisle, she ran into Kaylie in the corridor, arriving with her luggage. She complimented Vex on her appearance, then procceded into her and her father's room, where she promptly threw her bags at him. They then embraced and discussed how their shared business had been going. Scanlan suggested she attempt to get Percy to invest in one of her schemes. She then gently smacked her across the face and said it was good to see him.


Scanlan Shorthalt

Scanlan first met Kaylie in the Diamond Nest Tavern, where he was also reunited with Dr. Dranzel and his old troupe.[25] They had a flautist duel—which was mostly a distraction so Vox Machina could pursue Riskel Daxio—and Scanlan forfeited the competition (and all of his money) to the young gnome girl despite having a clear advantage. After that, he invited the girl to his room in Greyskull Keep for the night.[26]

Later that night, Kaylie revealed to Scanlan that she was his daughter that he never knew existed—news that greatly bothered Scanlan. She had trained at the College of the White Duke and traveled with Dranzel in order to hone her skills and, one day, not only find Scanlan and shame him but also kill him. She then pulled out a dagger, intending to kill him, but couldn't go through with it upon hearing Scanlan's impassioned speech and witnessing him offer his life without resistance. Scanlan mentioned that he knew there was something missing in his life, and that it may well have been his daughter before him. The two shared a tearful hug and, unable to face him anymore that night, Kaylie ran out of the keep.[27]

Scanlan did not reveal this information to Vox Machina until the following day when he asked for their help to get Kaylie out of the stockade for causing a brawl in a bar.[28] She and Dranzel's troupe soon left Emon shortly before the Chroma Conclave attacked.[29]

The two later reunited in Westruun when the Herd of Storms occupied the city.[30] Working together, father and daughter aided in the escape of a few of the survivors alongside Dr. Dranzel.

They met again in Kymal after the slaying of Umbrasyl. During their reunion, Scanlan admitted that he had been going about his life all wrong, that the gnome he was supposed to love and protect wasn't Pike but Kaylie, his daughter. Scanlan gave her his Singing Dawnblade (which also contained a piece of his Magical Poop of Scrying in the scabbard) for her protection and for him to check in on her on occasion. Kaylie then made her father promise to stay alive and be there for her when the Chroma Conclave was defeated, so they could make up for the lost time.[31]

Scanlan: (to Kaylie) I know I'm not the father that you wanted, but I'm the father that you have, and I'm sorry. [...] You're the gnome that I'm to care for forever, and I'm doing something very stupid now with my friends. We're going to try to save the world. And I didn't know why, but now I know, and if we die doing it, it will be for a good thing, and if we don't, then, well, I'll find you, and I'll be whatever kind of father you need me to be.
Kaylie: Don't you die. You stay alive. [...] Can you do that for me?
Scanlan: I promise you. I promise you.
Kaylie: I'll hold you to that.
Scanlan and Kaylie's conversation.[32]

Fan art of Kaylie, by Michelle Marham.[art 6]

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Unless otherwise noted, the following abilities are assumed from the standard Dungeons & Dragons materials:

Gnome Abilities

  • Darkvision
  • Gnome Cunning
  • Natural Illusionist
  • Speak with Small Beasts

Bard Abilities

Class Features
  • Bardic Inspiration
  • Spellcasting (Charisma-based ability)

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