Kathedoc is a half-orc Archivist of the Cobalt Soul in charge of the teleportation circles of the order in Rexxentrum. As an NPC, Kathedoc is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Archivist Kathedoc is an older half-orc, thin with multiple chins of skin folds from age and sagging. He has long white hair down his back.[1]

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"Between the Lines" (2x78) Edit

Kathedoc was called to the teleportation circle in the lower level of the Cobalt Soul in Rexxentrum when the Mighty Nein unexpectedly teleported in with six horses. He confirmed their identities with Zeenoth in Zadash and let them go on to Port Damali, but also banned them from the Rexxentrum archive until further notice.

"The Threads Converge" (2x85) Edit

Kathedoc was called once again when the Mighty Nein arrived at the Rexxentrum Archive on the heels of Obann and his party, asking the Nein if they were there to help in defending what was believed to be a currently occurring attack on the city by Xhorhasian forces.

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