Kara is a young half-elf girl, and a member of the Knights of Requital. As an NPC, Kara is played by Matthew Mercer.

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She had freckled skin and auburn hair[2].

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She claimed to work out of the Evening Nip, a noted front business.[3]

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Kara, while being questioned by Beau about her motivations for being part of the Knights of Requital, revealed that if that group's plans were successful and Dolan was to be elevated to High-Richter, then that would place her in great favor with The Gentleman, and acting as a middleman she would have the ear of Dolan, and he would be a powerful, yet unknowing, ally to the Gentleman's operations.[4]

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Kara is lazily playing a harp in the Gentleman's hideout, looking as though she has been imbibing early in the morning.

Fjord questioned Kara about the state of Zadash in the Mighty Nein's absence, and she informed him that most of the army had left to the frontlines. Kara also told him that she was glad he and the others had returned safely from their task for the Gentleman.

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