Kamordah is a town in Wildemount famed for its wineries and was the hometown of Beau.


Balgus took four years to have rare Blood Thistle branch brought over from Kamordah so he could craft a barrel of Thistle Branch Dark Blood wine and sold it to Vox Machina for a cup of dragon blood.[1]

Kamordah is the town that Beau grew up in. Her family ran a winery there.[2]



Kamordah had a large halfling population.[citation needed]

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Lying near the base of Mount Mentiri, as the grassless rolling Bromkiln Hills rise into the rocky Cyrios Mountains, Kamordah is an area of geothermal activity including geysers. The soil nearby is strangely dotted with multi-colored minerals and odd scrub brush. The vegetation that grows there is very alien to the rest of the Empire. It is also the reason that the vineyards there are so sought after, because certain types of wines and liquors can be made only there.[3]


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