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Kamadans are leopard-like monstrosities.


Kamadans are large leopards with six snakes protruding from their shoulders. There is some dispute about whether they are related to displacer beasts based on their passing resemblance.[1]

Kamadan with cub - Clara

Fan art of a kamadan with cub, by Clara.[art 2]


Kamadans hunt alone or in mating pairs. They tend to exhale a cone of sleep gas and then attack any remaining conscious targets in melee,[1] but in their battle with the Mighty Nein, some kamadans opened by stealthily pouncing on an unexpecting Caduceus, and only used the sleep gas when he called for help.[3]



Sleep Breath: A kamadan can exhale a 30-foot cone of gas that makes living creatures fall unconscious for 10 minutes (DC 12 Con save). The creature can be woken up by taking damage or if someone uses an action to wake it.

Snakes: A kamadan's snakes attack simultaneously, dealing piercing damage and massive poison damage (DC 12 Con save).

Known kamadans[]

The Mighty Nein fought two kamadans with Avantika and Jamedi Cosko on the island of Urukayxl.[5]


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