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Kal Dimmins is one of the champion fighters at the clandestine Stone Coffin fight ring beneath the King's Cut Butchery in Rexxentrum. As an NPC, Kal Dimmins is played by Matthew Mercer.



Kal is a real rough and tumble-looking female dwarf with scruffy mutton chops that come down the side of her face. Her nose has been broken multiple times and has healed back. Her hair is mostly red with a gray streak coming through it, and it is tied into a topknot bun. Her arms are thick like battering rams, and she has all sorts of scars with patches of hair around them. When Yasha fought her, she wore a leather tank top, not thick enough to be considered armor, but enough to be a stylistic piece of battle gear.[2]




"Lingering Wounds" (2x89)[]

Kal was the champion fighter at the Stone Coffin who fought Yasha. When Yasha failed to defend herself but only goaded and taunted Kal at every opportunity, Kal was confused and frightened, but eventually succeeded in knocking Yasha out. At the end of the fight, however, she did not celebrate her victory but looked like she had seen a ghost. She stared at Yasha unconscious on the ground and left the arena, storming through the gates, up the stairs and out of the venue.


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  • Yasha: I lean into her and I say, "So you're the champion."
    Kal Dimmins: "Yeah. For a reason."
    Yasha: Well, you'd better give them a show then.
    Kal: "I plan on it."[3]



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