K'ryyn (pronounced "ka-reen") is a female drow bounty hunter. As an NPC, she is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Viktor Engholm - Kryyn

Fan art of K'ryyn, by Viktor Engholm.[art 2]

K'ryyn is a woman with ink-blue skin, long white hair tied up in a topknot-style ponytail, pale silver eyes, and pointed ears. She wears dark burgundy leather armor with a green cloak.[1]

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K'ryyn is hard to read, both by nature and by profession.

As a drow, she is physically uncomfortable under direct sunlight. This is part of the reason that she operates in Wildemount: the region is usually overcast.

She doesn't care about what other people know or think about her. She fulfills the contract, and then she leaves.

She is apparently an expert in all types of weapons. Vex even complimented K'ryyn on the quality of the drow's arrows, and K'ryyn was able to recognize the owlbear feathers used for Vex's arrows.

Vox Machina described her as "cool".

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"Taryon, My Wayward Son" (1x97) Edit

K'ryyn was hired by Howaardt Darrington to abduct Taryon Darrington and bring him back to the Darrington Estate unharmed. It took her two months before she succeeded in locating Tary and abducting him. She was already on the outskirts of Deastok when Vox Machina was finally able to locate and intercept her.

She was defeated and taken captive by Vox Machina, who managed to intercept her in Wildemount before she had reached the estate. Rather than kill her, Vox Machina decided to allow her to finish her assignment in order for K'ryyn to maintain her reputation, especially after Pike pointed out how talented she is at finding people.

After letting her go, Vox Machina considered paying K'ryyn to find a certain individual: a gnome bard named Scanlan Shorthalt. However, the group never reached a consensus on the matter.

"The Mines of the Many" (1x98) Edit

After announcing his plans to create the "Darrington Brigade" (a band of Wildemount adventurers, similar to Vox Machina), Tary announced his intention to hire K'ryyn as the group's first official member.

"The Chapter Closes" (1x115) Edit

Although it wasn't read aloud in the episode, Taryon's letter revealed that K'ryyn had found a place as a member of the Darrington Brigade alongside Taryon Darrington, Doty 3.0, Lionel Gayheart and Lawrence.

"The Adventures of the Darrington Brigade" (Sx49) Edit

It is later revealed that by 826 PD (roughly a decade after the Darrington Brigade was first founded), K'ryyn and several other members of the group had left due to ongoing disagreements with the Brigade's "not-for-profit" business model. They also stole most of the Darrington Brigade's horses. Tary would later claim that K'ryyn and the others were merely "taking a sabbatical".[2] This left Tary, Lionel, and Lawrence as the only original members of the Darrington Brigade.

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  • Arrows (crafted herself)
  • Two daggers
  • Shortbow

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