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The K'Tawl Swamp surrounds Stilben on the Lucidian Coast.[2]


This humid swamp grows many tupelo and cypress trees in muddy brackish waters than can exceed ten feet deep in some places. Notable fauna in the swamp include venomous flying snakes and voracious giant frogs.[2]

K'Tawl Swamp foster a rare Queenscap fungus, the baseline substance in potions of superior healing. It is in great demand all across Tal'Dorei, but has been overharvested almost to extinction.[3]

In places with abundant vegetation located on the corners of the swamp, Ravagers, as well as bandits and petty thieves, ambush those traveling through the marsh.[2][1]

Points of interest[]

Galessi, a cruel Ashari waverider working for the Myriad, has a secret base within the swamp, protected by a charmed giant crocodile and water elementals.[4]


Tribes of bullywugs occasionally venture to the outskirts of Stilben, harassing the populace. Sahuagin claim the swamp at the shoreline of the K'Tawl Bay.[2] At one point, there were lizardfolk in the swamp, but many desired to leave and entered in service to Thordak as an opportunity to do so.[5]


In the Age of Arcanum mages from an unnamed flying city descended into the swamp and conducted intense magical experiments on the local fauna, mutating it into giant lizards, swamp serpents, or lizardfolk.[6]

Vex and Vax first met Keyleth here while on missions for different employers, when a sahuagin shark-speaker attacked Vax.[7] Grog Strongjaw, Scanlan Shorthalt, and a few compatriots raided a sahuagin temple to Hoarmorath that was apparently built atop a temple to a giant frog god.[8]

When Scanlan pressed Jarett Howarth to acquire suude for him, Jarett warned that he saw the drug ruin lives near K'Tawl Swamp.[9]

Behind the scenes[]

In the Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting, set in 812 PD, the marauders at the edge of the swamp are orcs, and the Knifemouth orcs show up in an adventure hook called Monolith of the Hells.[2] In the Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn, the marauders are Ravagers, and the adventure hook features the "Torchraiser herd".[1]



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