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Juraya (pronounced /dʒəˈraɪə/)[2] is a older female shopkeeper who sells leather goods in the Lantern Spire in Jrusar.[3] As an NPC, Juraya is played by Matthew Mercer.



Juraya is an older woman with bright eyes with bags underneath them. When Bells Hells first encountered her, she wore a brightening white makeup beneath her eyes and glasses, and her hair was pulled into a side braid.[4] She has a low, gravely voice.[5]


Juraya is described as, despite her sweet appearance, having a "dark undertone" to her.[6] She is in some form of business relationship with Advik in which she gains commissions by bringing customers to him, and she is entirely happy to upsell customers.[7]


"The Threat Between the Walls" (3x05)[]

Juraya's stall was the first one the party encountered in Elder's Post. She showed them the leather goods, made by her daughter, that were for sale. When Imogen asked her about places where they could purchase healing potions, Juraya steered them away from Marwa and led them to Advik. Imogen used Detect Thoughts on Juraya and determined that Juraya and Advik had a business arrangement, and that Juraya is frustrated with Marwa as competitor who was too "above board."[8]


Juraya has a business relationship with Advik, and dislikes Marwa.[9]

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