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Junel is a gnome cook, formerly from Jorenn Village, and a member of the group of miners led by Thorn.



Junel is a gnome with dark skin.[2] When Vax'ildan first met them, they wore a headscarf tied around their hair similar to Sencha's.[2]


Junel talks to themself while cooking.[2] They are very comfortable in the kitchen and an excellent cook, in the opinions of both Sencha and Vax'ildan.[3]



Junel lived in Jorenn Village prior to the conflict between the Shadewatch and the miners.[4]

Kith & Kin[]

Around 807 PD,[5] Junel and their partner Sencha lived among the outlaw miners led by Thorn.[2] When Vax'ildan was rescued by the miners, Sencha brought him to Junel for food, and they served him a massive breakfast of pancakes, dried fruit, pastries, and meats.[2] Later that day, Junel and the rest of the group retreated further into the mines.[6] Junel was responsible for feeding the group, and also had a role in taking care of the children.[7] That evening, they sat by the fire with Sencha and served spiced ale in a kettle.[8]

A few days later, after members of the Shadewatch discovered the miners' hideout, Junel had a heated conversation with Tinyn and Sencha.[9] The miners prepared for the worst in the days that followed. On the fourth day after the Shadewatch came, they returned, and Vax'ildan saw Junel wrapping their knives in a tablecloth.[10] While Thorn led those able to fight into battle, Junel led the group who would not be fighting (the children and families) deeper into the hills.[11] Sencha was responsible for collapsing the tunnel behind them.[12]

When Vax'ildan returned to the miners' hideout, accompanied by his sister Vex'ahlia and her bear Trinket, Junel was preparing dried fish and repeatedly counting the number of people they had to feed.[13] They then prepared flatbread with the help of two girls, and served the bread and fish to everyone present.[14] They later joined in the song begun by Faril.[15] Soon after, the Shadewatch returned to the mines to attempt to capture Thorn.[16][17] Junel was the last of the miners to drop their weapons (their kitchen knives).[18]

By the next morning, all of the miners had been captured, presumably including Junel.[19] The adults were detained in the town jail.[19] Immediately after the fight that occurred in Shade Hall, Wick, the de facto leader of Jorenn Village, released the imprisoned miners.[20] Junel presumably returned to the mines with Faril, while Sencha stayed a few days longer to help Thorn heal from his wounds.[20]



Sencha is Junel's partner.[2][21] She is fond of their cooking.[1]

Character information[]


Junel is possibly a spellcaster. They cook "using magically heated stones instead of fire", though it is unclear if these are a magic item or a spell cast by Junel.[2][15]

Notable items[]

Former items[]

  • Kitchen knives (thrown into the mines)[10][18]

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