The Julous Dominion was a country on the continent of Wildemount until it was conquered by The Dwendalian Empire. It was the last empire to be conquered by Dwendalian Empire during the Marrow War around 545 P.D.[1][2] The Dominion's capital city was Zadash,[3] which was also the last Dominion stronghold to fall during the war.[citation needed]

As opposed to erasing Dominion society, the Dwendalian Empire merged their own way of life, laws, and rules with those of the people of Zadash and adjusted as they saw fit.[4]

According to Simone Deepwell, a major battle in the War of the Dominion was fought in or near Felderwin.[5]

Mollymauk Tealeaf found an old, rusted helmet in a graveyard near the Amber Road between Alfield and Zadash, which was recognized by Caleb Widogast to be a relic from the time of the Julous Dominion.[6]

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