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For the fire giant gambler in the City of Brass, see Juuraiel.

Jourrael[2] is a nightmarish specter, an ancient assassin of Lolth, the Spider Queen. As an NPC, Jourrael is played by Matthew Mercer.


Fan art of Jourrael, by @hierothraxs.[art 2]


Jourrael has the appearance of a drow woman with reddish hair pulled back a little bit by a black bandana, swathed in a cloak and leathers. She has a semi-spectral form.[3]




Granted the title of Caedogeist,[1] Jourrael was a chosen assassin of Lolth, the Spider Queen, exalted through an arrangement with Asmodeus during a brief era of unified interests. Jourrael was a nightmarish specter who walked through walls and mountains like water. Known colloquially as the Inevitable End, Jourrael could not be completely destroyed unless the contract of the agreement between Lolth and Asmodeus was destroyed. In the bloodshed at the end of The Calamity, this attempt failed, so the body of Jourrael was sundered and sealed apart in secret.[4] The heart was buried within the Lotusden Greenwood in the Wraithroot tree, and the skull entrusted to the elves in the Veluthil.[5] The skull was recovered from the ruins of Molaesmyr and sold to the Stassman family of Kamordah.[6]

"Between the Lines" (2x78)

Obann and his party obtained the skull of Jourrael in Kamordah.[7][8][9]

"Through the Trees" (2x79)

Jourrael with Obann in Crit Recap Animated

Obann managed to recover the heart from the Wraithroot tree, while he and his party were under attack by the Mighty Nein.

"Titles and Tattoos" (2x84)

The party was at the Invulnerable Vagrant purchasing equipment and supplies, when suddenly Caduceus felt a searing pain in his back as he was attacked and seriously wounded by a red-haired female drow specter that immediately shifted back into the ground like a ghost.

"The Threads Converge" (2x85)

In their first battle against Jourrael, the Nein took heavy damage from her sneak attacks. She faded back into the ground after each attack, limiting their offense. With the help of Pumat Sol, they were able to drive her off and she disappeared. The next day, Pumat's Scry saw her and her companions being admitted to the city of Rexxentrum.

"The Cathedral" (2x86)

Fan art of the fight in the Invulnerable Vagrant, by BlackSalander.[art 3]

In the battle in the Chantry of the Dawn, Jourrael fought the Nein with Obann. Yasha, and the Laughing Hand, using the same tactics as their fight the day before. After the Hand's death, when Obann retreated to the subterranean room housing the first fane holding Tharizdun, Jourrael went with him. The now-free Yasha realized Jourrael was under the same charmed compulsion that she was, and Yasha urged them to try to break free. Obann was killed, possibly freeing the Caedogeist as well, but was re-formed by Tharizdun into Obann the Punished.

"Punishment and Politics" (2x87)

The Nein began fighting Obann the Punished in terrible condition, spells and health almost universally depleted. At first, the Caedogeist moved to the outward-leading stairs, but then they sank into the floor and reappeared beside Obann, attacking him. They did massive damage with their sneak attacks through the battle, and got the final killing blow on Obann the Punished. Caduceus then healed them along with the rest of the party and asked for a hug. They responded, "Not my type of interaction," put a finger to their lips in a shushing gesture, and vanished into a wall.

"Lingering Wounds" (2x89)

Jester cast Sending to thank Jourrael for the help she provided down below in the cathedral dungeon and offering friendship if she was lonely. Jourrael responded that she appreciated the help in regaining her freedom, but they will never see each other again.



Obann recovered Jourrael's remains and revived them, taking magical control over her in the process. She did his bidding while under his influence, but didn't hesitate in the fight against him, being responsible for finishing him in his corrupted form.

Character Information

Official mini of Jourrael by WizKids


  • Resistant to acid, fire, lightning, cold, and thunder; piercing, slashing and bludgeoning from non-magical weapons.[10]
  • Immune to poison. [11]
  • Cannot be frightened, grappled, paralyzed, restrained, or made prone.[12]

Drow Abilities

  • Fey Ancestry
  • Sunlight Sensitivity
  • Innate Spellcasting[13]

Specter Abilities

  • Incorporeal Movement
  • Immunity to Grappling[18]

Rogue Abilities

Class Features


  • Parry (reaction, adds 5 to AC)[20]

Notable Items

  • Two poisoned daggers[21]

Appearances and mentions



  • The title Caedogeist is derived from a combination of Latin and German, which, in a literal translation, would translate to "I kill ghost". Per Matt, it means "murder ghost".[22]
    • "Caedo" comes from the Latin caedō, caedere, cecīdī, caesus. Caedō (/ˈkae̯.doː/) specifically is the present active indicative 1st person singular verb, which can translate to "I hack", "I strike", "I sever", "I murder", etc. It is likely that this specific form of the verb was chosen because translating the English bare infinitive "murder" into Latin is impossible due to English being a morphologically poor language while Latin is comparatively morphologically rich, and as such has no bare infinitive. However, because "Caedogeist" was created as a derivative of its two parts, whether or not it literally translates is irrelevant because it is exceedingly rare for English derivatives of Latin words to literally translate back to their original grammatical form.
    • "Geist" comes from the German noun Geist (/ɡaɪ̯st/), which can translate to "spirit", "mind", "ghost", etc.
  • One of Matt's few "How do I want to do this?" moments happened when Jourrael got the final strike on Obann the Punished. Although it was not the first time an NPC has gotten a final kill,[23] it was the first time Matt used the phrase.


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