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Jorenn Village is a large village in close proximity to the Umbra Hills in the Black Valley north of Westruun in the east part of the Cliffkeep Mountains.


Leading into the village is the Blackvalley Path that runs along the edge of the Bramblewood Forest closer to Westruun. Jorenn is far from Emon, and so, despite being a part of the Republic of Tal'Dorei, has often fallen prey to those taking advantage of the lack of influence the Tal'Dorei Council holds there.[2]

The Ass Sailor - Shara Maestache

Fan art of the Ass Sailor in Jorenn Village, by Shara Maestache.[art 3]

The town hall and headquarters of the Shadewatch is the multi-story Shade Hall.[3] The village also has a bar called The Scattered Bar[4] (an apparent reference to the Scattered War, the final battle of which occurred in the nearby Umbra Hills), and, depending on whether "Critical Role: Bar Room Blitz" (Sx21) is canon, a tavern called The Ass Sailor.[5]



In 812 PD, the majority of the 1,873 residents in Jorenn Village were human (68%), with substantial minorities of dwarves (10%), halflings (8%), and other races (14%).[2]

By 836 PD, the population jumped to 2,480. Gnomes became a substantial minority of 7%, while the percentages of other races receded slightly: the humans remained in the majority (64%), followed by dwarves (9%), halflings (7%), and other races (13%).[6]


For many years, Jorenn Village was a tiny pioneer town, relying primarily on trade of shadegrass from the nearby Umbra Hills. However, silver veins were discovered around 742 PD,[7] and Jorenn Village has since become something of a boom town.[2]

The Shadewatch[]

Around 802 PD the Shadewatch was formed from a small group of mercenaries and vigilantes hoping to protect the town. Initially, they slew many threats from the surrounding areas and attracted members looking to make a name for themeselves, and eventually became the unofficial arm of the law in Jorenn Village. However, the organization has fallen to corruption, and by 812 PD the Shadewatch in many ways functions as an organized crime syndicate, requiring protection fees from the citizenry and harming those who will not or cannot pay.[8]

By 812 PD, Shademaster Arhanna Lewyn was sending a trio of Shadewatch agents into the Umbra Hills or to Gatshadow Mountain weekly for unknown purposes.[9]



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