Jorenn Village is a small town in close proximity to the Umbra Hills in the Black Valley north of Westruun in the east part of the Cliffkeep Mountains. Leading into this town is the Black Valley Path that follows a river. The majority of the town’s population are humans, with substantial minorities of dwarves and halflings.[1]

Jorenn is far enough from Emon to rarely be touched by the influence of the Tal'Dorei Council. This has recently given opportunists and lowlifes the freedom to subvert and control the village economy and government.[1]


  • For many years it was a tiny pioneer town which was trying to build off the unused resource of shadegrass. After plentiful silver veins were discovered, the size of the town exploded. Hardworking folk and opportunists came to Jorenn despite its unsettling proximity to the Umbra Hills.[1]
  • The Shadewatch was formed from a small circle of vigilantes and mercenaries declaring themselves ready to protect the town. Hunting and slaying dangers in the night, they were initially effective at their mission, so much so that they became the unofficial law enforcement organization of the town.[1]
  • As corruption has taken over the Shadewatch, the ordinary citizens have increasingly come to fear their "protectors."[1]




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