Jigow is a town on the far northern coast of Xhorhas.


The town of Jigow has a population of 13,210 in 835 PD. 56% of the population are goblinkin, while 31% are orcs.[1]


Jigow is a collection of small villages that grew together into a fishing port on the far northern coast of Xhorhas. It is primarily inhabited by orcs and goblins.

"Causatum" (2x70)

Jigow was found on the map and mentioned in discussion by the Mighty Nein as a possible destination in their continuing investigations. Not much is known about the place, and what little is known, Beauregard shared with the group due to her general historical knowledge.[2]


  • At the Q&A prior to the 2020 C2E2 live show (unrecorded), Matt mentioned an orc/goblin town in the north of Xhorhas that is focused on competition, which matches the description of Jigow perfectly.[3][4]


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