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Jhessho is a halfling firetamer of the Fire Ashari. As an NPC in Exandria Unlimited, Jhessho is played by Aabria Iyengar.



Jhessho is a short, pale-skinned halfling with a little jet black bowl cut. When they met with the party after the attack at Thordak's Crater, they were heavily bandaged but not limping.



As a firetamer, Jhessho is among the druids and elemental specialists who traveled to Emon to heal the Scar of the Cinder King.[3] Since Thordak's defeat by Vox Machina in 811 PD, the Fire Ashari have been working to heal the wounds left by his presence.

Jhessho and Reyan Lister were the only survivors of a group of seven firetamers working at Thordak's Crater in Emon[4] when a figure of a winged woman of burning lava appeared and pulled ten massive cinderslag elementals from the superheated lava and rock of the crater.[5] The firetamers believe that something may be trying to use as a portal the holes that Thordak created.[6]

Character Information[]


Jhessho is a firetamer, one of the elite elementalists of the Pyrah Ashari, and the typical firetamer's abilities are as follows.[1] Firetamers can conjure and dominate creatures of elemental fire (and are almost always accompanied by such creatures) or transform into a fire elemental themselves. They are resistant to fire damage, can speak Ignan (the fire dialect of Primordial), and are proficient in Arcana and Nature.

  • Flameform: Twice per short rest, as a bonus action, firetamers can transform into a fire elemental for up to five hours. They cannot cast spells in this form, but can expend spell slots as a bonus action to regain hit points according to the level of spell slot extended. If they fall unconscious, they return to their humanoid form.
  • Flamecharm: Once per short rest, a firetamer can cast Dominate monster on a fire elemental or other creature of elemental fire.

Druid Spells[]


  • Druidcraft
  • Mending
  • Produce flame

1st level

  • Cure wounds
  • Faerie fire
  • Longstrider
  • Jump

2nd level

  • Flame blade
  • Heat metal
  • Lesser restoration

3rd level

  • Daylight
  • Dispel magic
  • Protection from energy

4th level

  • Blight
  • Freedom of movement
  • Wall of fire

5th level

  • Conjure elemental

Appearances and mentions[]


  • Orym: We're very sorry for your loss.
    Jhessho: It happens. We know what we signed up for.[7]


  • Jhessho is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns.


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