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Jerahd Stormwind is a bronze[1] dragonborn warlock and a brother of Tiberius. While Vox Machina appeared to have never met Jerahd, Tiberius told them a little bit about him.



Jerahd studied arcana regarding the mind. Tiberius occasionally contacted him for help, using the Scroll of Telescription, whenever Tiberius's knowledge of certain arcane arts wasn't enough. It was assumed that Jerahd resided within Draconia before its destruction.

"K'Varn Revealed" (1x10)[]

Tiberius sent Jerahd a message via the Scroll of Telescription, asking for information about K'Varn or mind-controlling creatures in general.[2] Jerahd responded to say that he had never heard of a K'Varn, and requested further information, such as a visual depiction.[3]

Appearances and mentions[]


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