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Jenna Iresor is an apparently human member of the Cerberus Assembly, who is in reality a doppelganger.[2] She has been mentioned but not yet appeared in Critical Role.

Jenna Iresor - Mikael

Fan art of Jenna Iresor, by Mikael.[art 2]



Pumat Sol described Jenna as having long blondish hair going to her mid-back, tied back tightly in segmented braids, and a very serious expression.[4]


Jenna Iresor was described as "unique but a bit distracted" by Yussa Errenis,[5], and is known for her skill in business and her extravagant lifestyle.[2]



Baroness Iresor is the Archmage of Industry in the Cerberus Assembly. When Caleb Widogast first read about her in the library of the Cobalt Soul in Zadash,[6] her title was given as "Marquis", but it was later clarified that that had been a temporary title and her permanent rank is "Baroness".[7] She is one of the youngest members of the Assembly.[8]

Jenna Iresor has hidden her nature as a doppelganger using memory-altering magic to create a false past, where she presents as a human woman from the Clovis Concord.[2]

"New Homes and Old Friends" (2x111)[]

Baroness Iresor had commissioned an Ioun Stone of Fortitude from The Invulnerable Vagrant which she failed to collect. Fjord purchased it and gave it to Caleb.


Jenna is the youngest member of the Cerberus Assembly, acting as Archmage of Industry.

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