Countess Jazna Graben, a female half-orc, was one of the New Nobles of Whitestone during the Briarwoods' reign.[2] As an NPC, she was played by Matthew Mercer.



Jazna was a female Half-Orc wearing dark brown leather armor. There were several cuts across her face and her teeth were broken and jagged.[3] It was uncertain whether these imperfections were preexisting or came as a result of the recent battles against the Briarwoods' forces in Whitestone.


She was aggressive towards her enemies, spitting on the ground as she was brought before Vox Machina. She threatened Scanlan, saying that she had "never tasted gnome".[4] She was also very prideful as was evident when she refused Vox Machina's offer to spare her along with Vedmire, stating that she would "rather not stay at [their] beck and call".[5]


"Denouement" (1x35)

After the Briarwoods were defeated, the townsfolk of Whitestone brought the two remaining members of the New Nobles before Vox Machina to be tried for treason. Jazna refused to submit, instead requesting death. Grog happily obliged, decapitating her with a single blow.[6]

Character Information


She was not seen fighting, however Keeper Yennen said that "she has been known to carry a quiver or two".[7]


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