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Jasna Bree is the owner of Grace of the Wilds in the Pentamarket District in Zadash. As an NPC, Jasna Bree is played by Matthew Mercer.



Jasna Bree is in her 50s with wild black curly hair.[1]


Jasna Bree was constantly wide-eyed and energetic to an almost manic degree, speaking in a very hurried and rushed way, and often repeating herself. Her fast pace made it hard for the laid-back and slow moving Clay to keep up with her. Despite her eccentric personality she was very welcoming. She seemed eager to please and provide her customers with service, quickly adding the possibility of training to her chalkboard the moment Clay mentioned it and a little disappointed he didn't need her training but moved on as quickly as she did everything else.[2]



"Commerce & Chaos" (2x31)[]

Caduceus Clay was drawn to her shop - Grace of the Wilds - in the Pentamarket District as he was familiar with the herbs and various mosses being cultivated and dried there. He gave her a list of herbs he wanted to help him in making healing potions. He also brought up the idea he might want some training to improve his skills in making healing potions. Without even looking, Jasna added it to her list along with a price on her chalkboard as Clay was mentioning it. He bought enough materials to make six healing potions, and some cooking spices from her. She was disappointed that Clay didn't actually need her training but moved on quickly.[3]

"New Homes and Old Friends" (2x111)[]

The Gentleman had a vial of blood labeled "Jasna" for the purposes of tracking, using Cree's skills.[4]

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