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Jamie Wrenly is a human witch. They are played by Taliesin Jaffe.



While Jamie is not really physically described during the Cinderbrush session, official art by Kendra Wells and Taliesin Jaffe's cosplay for the session provides descriptions.

Jamie is of average height, pale, with long black hair with red streaks, one side shaved and choppy bangs. They have pierced ears, and during the events of Cinderbrush they have black painted nails. Jamie wears long, wide-leg black pants with a black belt, a white button-up shirt, and a red and black kimono-type shawl. They also wear a wide-brimmed black hat, a black chest harness, round glasses with red lenses, and a silver spider broach with red gems. Taliesin's cosplay added silver rings on several fingers.

During the rave, Taliesin describes their outfit as "...[their] uniform that says [they're] in business... lots and lots of pockets, lots of flowy stuff, lots of places to hide shit."


Jamie is not one to speak up in class, though when asked for opinions by their classmates, especially Sasha or AF, they will not hold back. They are aloof most of the time, explaining that "they don't have friends, they have associates". Because their father lives in New York City, they believe that "they have good shit, and everyone else has shitty shit."

When it comes to individuals, though, Jamie opens up a little more. They defend Cameron from Sasha during lunch, protect their hideout in the Solomon Mines alongside Cameron from Evan Harris, and are somewhat kind to Amanda when everyone carpools to the party. At the party, they advise AF with tips for their first drug experience, keeping an eye on them in a protective way. When it comes to protecting those they consider friends, especially AF, they can get darkly defensive.



Jamie grew up in Cinderbrush, but spends a part of the year with their dad in New York. They seem to hold somewhat of a grudge against their dad, seeing him as the one responsible for the divorce because of his involvement with Samuel.

"Cinderbrush: A Monsterhearts Story" (Sx51)[]

Cinderbrush - nikoreru

Fan art of Jamie, third from left, with Sasha Murasaki, Abigail "AF" Flowers, and Cameron Solomon, by Nikoreru.[art 2]



Jamie seems friendly with Cameron Solomon



Character Information[]


As a witch, Jamie has access to Sympathetic Tokens and Hex-Casting.

  • Sympathetic Tokens
    • Items of "personal significance" that you may take from others.
    • Act as Strings
  • Hex-Casting
    • Illusions
    • Ring of Lies

Notable Items[]

Appearances and mentions[]


  • "Oh, you're so tragic."[1]


  • Jamie uses "he/they" pronouns.



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