Jamedi Cosko was an employee of Captain Avantika and an accomplished explorer and dungeoneer. As an NPC, Jamedi Cosko is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Jamedi appears to be a human man with a completely smooth, bald head with gaunt features and very dark brown skin. He wears a heavy leather coat with a few belts attached to it. He carries a satchel on his side along with a few blades[3] and a shortbow.[4]

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Jamedi has a dry sense of humor and prefers to work alone. He is very experienced in his line of work and has survived many dangerous encounters, even losing friends in the process. Jamedi is deadpan, professional and capable with his shortbow, but shows an attitude of aversion to combat, when possible preferring to remain stealthy and hidden. When caught up in an encounter with a Hydra he panics, succumbs to fear and refuses to aid Captain Avantika and the Mighty Nein in fighting the beast.[5]

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Prior to meeting the Mighty Nein, Jamedi was the sole survivor of an incident at a mine located somewhere in the north of Wildemount.[6] He has also worked for Captain Avantika once before.[7] Though the exact nature of this previous job is unknown, it is presumed to have been similar work to his second contract with Avantika where he acted as a scout/guide. Beyond these two events Jamedi has worked solo as a hired adventurer for other unnamed groups[8], having reportedly lost many friends over the course of his work.[9] Unlike what his appearance might give away, Jamedi is a Hollow One, a person whose soul was bound back to their original body through the mysterious magic of the Blightshore (See the recent fireside chat, part 1)

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Captain Avantika is Jamedi's former employer having hired him to seek out a temple to Uk'otoa located on Urukayxl. Jamedi's relationship with Captain Avantika was professional and serious much like most others he interacts with. When asked by Jester if he likes Captain Avantika he responds with "she pays well and doesn't judge."

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Jamedi describes Jester as "Strange...and creepy" whilst taking watch with her after an attack by two Kamadan on the group.[10]

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Hollow One Abilities Edit

  • Ageless
  • Cling to Life
  • Revenance
  • Unsettling Presence

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  • Out of character, the players jokingly refer to Jamedi as "Jumanji Costco".
  • When within the range of the grave cleric's "Eyes of the Grave" class feature, Jamedi emits a faint undead aura. When asked about it at a convention, Matt said that if Jamedi did not return later in the story, he would reveal the source of the undead aura. Later, during Explorer's Guide to Wildemount Q&A and Fireside Chat with Matthew Mercer, Matt confirmed that Jamedi is a Hollow One, causing the aura.[2]

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  1. Fan art of Jamedi Cosko, by Megzilla87 (source).  Used with permission.
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