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Ionos Jagentoth - @bardiceye

Fan art of Ionos Jagentoth, by @bardiceye.[art 1]

The Jagentoths are a family from Shadycreek Run that has earned a reputation for being brutal and unforgiving, publicly executing perceived traitors and high-profile competitors, but promising great rewards in exchange for absolute loyalty. The family business includes assassinations, growing and distribution of illicit substances, and slavery, in direct rivalry with the Mardoons.[1]

The Jagentoths hired and sponsored the Iron Shepherds in Shadycreek Run, and gave them the Sour Nest to use as their base of operations.

Known members[]

Leaders of the family is split between:[1]

  • Lady Sulia Jagentoth - She hired several people to ambush a Mardoon caravan in 822 PD but had their tongues ripped out so they wouldn't reveal information if captured.[2]
  • Ionos Jagentoth (lawful evil half-elf)[3][4] - He is a master negotiator and deceiver, doing business with the Myriad in the Dwendalian Empire while conspiring to reduce their influence in those same regions.[5] He is presumably the "I.J." signed to the letter found in the Tumblecarve residence.[6][7]
  • Reese Jagentoth - He killed Auntie Mama for smuggling for the Mardoon family in 829 PD,[8] and two years later he attacked the Tombtakers (who had recovered her corpse) until Vess DeRogna convinced him to leave them alone.[9]
  • Numa Jagentoth


"Midnight Espionage" (2x12)[]

The Mighty Nein stole a polished river stone from the Sutan residence[10]. It was later identified as one half of a set of sending stones.[11] The other stone was held by Ionos Jagentoth, as he and the Sutans were doing business.[12]

"Converging Fury" (2x27)[]

Ophelia Mardoon tells the Mighty Nein that her smuggling route between Shadycreek Run and The Gentleman in Zadash has been interrupted by the Iron Shepherds, hired and controlled by the Jagentoth family. The Mardoons and the Jagentoths have feuded for quite some time, and many times it has come to bloodshed.[13]

"Within the Nest" (2x28)[]

The party learns that the Sour Nest was given to the Iron Shepherds by the Jagentoths, the family that pays them and keeps them in their employ.[14]

"The Journey Home" (2x30)[]

In the Bag of Holding found under Lorenzo's bed, the party finds the letter from Avantika hiring the Jagentoths to find the Cloven Crystal, addressed to "Ionos".[15]

"Refjorged" (2x76)[]

The party finds a letter from "I. J.", presumably Ionos Jagentoth, suggesting that the Jagentoths are working with or supplying the Tumblecarve family of Uthodurn with some form of smuggled goods.[16]


  • Because the Mighty Nein wiped out everyone at the Sour Fortress, word didn't get out, and so they didn't end up making enemies of the Jagentoth family.[17]



  1. Fan art of Ionos Jagentoth, by @bardiceye (source). Used with permission.