The Jagentoth Family is the chief rival of the Mardoons. They are smugglers and slavers, and hired the Iron Shepherds in Shady Creek Run.


Members of the family include:[1]

  • Ionos Jagentoth,[2][3] presumably the "I.J." signed to the letter found in the Tumblecarve residence.[4][5]
  • Lady Sulia Jagentoth
  • Reese Jagentoth
  • Numa Jagentoth


"Converging Fury" (2x27)Edit

Ophelia Mardoon tells the Mighty Nein that her smuggling route between Shady Creek Run and The Gentleman in Zadash has been interrupted by the Iron Shepherds, hired and controlled by the Jagentoth family. The Mardoons and the Jagentoths have feuded for quite some time, and many times it has come to bloodshed.[6]

"Within the Nest" (2x28)Edit

The party learns that the Sour Nest was given to the Iron Shepherds by the Jagentoths, the family that pays them and keeps them in their employ.[7]

"The Journey Home" (2x30)Edit

In the Bag of Holding found under Lorenzo's bed, the party finds the letter from Avantika hiring the Jagentoths to find the Cloven Crystal, addressed to "Ionos".[8]

"Refjorged" (2x76)Edit

The party finds a letter from "I. J.", presumably Ionos Jagentoth, suggesting that the Jagentoths are working with or supplying the Tumblecarves with some form of smuggled goods.[9]

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