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Ixrattu Khar is a female vampire tiefling, mass murderer, and cultist of the Remnants.[1]


Khar has claimed and consumed hundreds of innocents during her killing spree that spanned from Kymal to Emon,[1] making her "Tal'Dorei's foulest mass murderer".[5] At some point, she was convicted and sent to the Black Bastille prison in Emon. During her imprisonment, she saw visions of a shadowy woman beckoning her towards the bars, showing her a hidden weakness in the Bastille's guards. During the Chroma Conclave's attack on Emon, Ixrattu and many other prisoners made their escape.[2]

In 812 PD, she was hiding in the Cliffkeep Mountains, regaining her strength and gathering new followers for her sect of the Remnants,[1] and following the cryptic whispers of her visions. This quest eventually lead her to a powerful prize: the Vestige of Divergence known as Condemner. By 836 PD, she was lurking in Kraghammer, where she trains assassins to kill enemies of the Remnants.[2]

Character information[]

Notable items[]

Vampire abilities[]

As a vampire, Ixrattu presumably has the typical abilities of a vampire described in the Monster Manual.



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