The Ivory Tower was the home of Lady Allura. The tower was destroyed by Vorugal when the Chroma Conclave attacked Emon in "Omens" (1x39). It was located in the Cloudtop District of Emon.

Tower Description[edit | edit source]

The tower itself was several stories in height and made up of a white stone (probably marble). A magical stone platform with runes carved into its sides acted as an elevator between these separate floors. Bookshelves lined the platform's shaft in between the floors, which were filled with various books, notes, and scrolls on all manner of subjects. There were also stairways that led outside of the tower's physical structure into rooms that should not exist, which was only possible due to the building's arcane nature.

The top floor of the tower was where Allura's main chamber was, which held a bed, many desks, and an arcane laboratory. A small kitchen area room was off to the side of this chamber. Allura also used to have a Carpet of Flying that resided near the elevator's entrance, which was taken by Vox Machina during their escape when the tower first collapsed. Somewhere also stored within this chamber was her treasury.

The Story So Far[edit | edit source]

Shortly after meeting Vox Machina for the first time, Allura took them to the Ivory Tower so that they could continue their discussion and scry upon the Palace.[1]

Vox Machina later returned to the Ivory Tower only to find the front door ajar and signs of a scuffle within. They went up to the top of the tower to investigate and discovered signs that Allura had struggled with some demonic entity, although she seemed to have escaped without any harm. Vox Machina ended up triggering one of the tower's magical defenses which caused the structure to begin collapsing in on itself. It was at that time that the party discovered Allura's flying carpet, which they used to escape. The Ivory Tower, meanwhile, had compacted into a single magical pearl.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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