Ivan Van Norman

Ivan Van Norman is a storyteller, host, and producer. He is currently head of Critical Role's Darrington Press and a co-owner and Head of Media and Publishing at Hunters Entertainment.[1] Formerly, he was a Geek & Sundry Twitch host.

Ivan has been producing tabletop games and media content for ten years for both Hunter Entertainment and as a consultant to many other companies, including Wizards of the Coast and Hersch Games (Taboo). He was a game producer on Wil Wheaton’s TableTop and briefly served as executive producer of International Tabletop Day.[2]

He guest starred as Grizznak Snompstork on a Critical Role special episode, "To the Poop! Goblins: A Critical Role Pathfinder One-Shot" (Sx09), and was one of the hosts/co-creators of the UnDeadwood mini saga, being known as 'the Bartender' during the game.


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