Brandon Chang Island of renewal

Fan art of Island of Renewal, by Brandon Chang.[art 1]

The Island of Renewal is a location in the plane of Elysium. It is the home of the goddess Sarenrae.


Under a cloudless blue sky, surrounded by an ocean that is clear and lagoon-like, the Island of Renewal's beaches are made up of shining pearls. The once-crumbling island is finding strength with the renewed faith in Sarenrae. There are no trees, but the hills themselves carry old, statuesque structures, small temple-like oddities that have been swallowed by time and the ravages of the Calamity, slowly emerging like jagged bits of earth that have been plunged up by seismic activity. Beyond these hills is a gargantuan crystal cathedral that resembles the torso of a woman, but where the head is, it spires into a singular point. On the inside is the glow of a raging inferno that flickers like a heartbeat from the inside of the crystal citadel.[1]


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  1. Fan art of Island of Renewal, by Brandon Chang (source).  Used with permission.
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