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Ishir Eka (pronounced /ɪˈʃɪər/)[2] is a katari innkeeper and the owner of the Spire by Fire Inn in Jrusar since 833 PD.[3] As an NPC, Ishir Eka is played by Matthew Mercer.



Ishir is a male katari of lion descent, with orange-brown fur and a dark black mane that is braided tightly and goes past his shoulders. He has sharp, heavy canines. When first seen, he was wearing a tank top that showed off his well-built physique.[4]


Ishir seems focused on earning money and running his business. Ashton was able to immediately get his attention by noisily sliding some coins down the bar. When complimented by FCG about the inn, he reacted with great pride, noting that no one seemed to appreciate the hard work he'd put into the place, and it was nice to get a little acknowledgement from a stranger. While he was willing to keep an ear open for a job for Ashton, he was also brusque about asking him to finish his beer and clear the table before more paying customers started arriving.[5]

When Ashton ordered a breakfast beer, Ishir drank one too, to be sociable. Ishir was completely enthralled by FCG and his ability to eat coins and offered him a job performing the trick for the customers,[6] and tapped his metal head with fascination, an act which Ashton found slightly rude.[7]

When Dorian approached him about playing in the bar, he quickly changed from smiling politeness to a "fucking musician" kind of a glare, but gave him permission to set up by the door, as it would be quicker to kick him out if it didn't go well.[8]


Bells Hells encountered Ishir several times during their early adventures in Jrusar. When Team Wildemount arrived at the Inn searching for the rest of the party after they were separated by the events of the Apogee Solstice he greeted them jovially and offered them breakfast.


Appearances and mentions[]


  • "No one seems to appreciate the hard work I've put into this place for the past 10 years, and it's nice to get a little acknowledgement from a stranger."[9]
  • (to Dorian) "We don't have entertainment for the evening. If you want to play, do it near the front door. That way, if it goes poorly, it's quicker to kick you out."[10]
  • (after Dorian's poor lyre performance) "The great Dorian Storm, feared by all twangy things. Destroyer of silence is what I heard."[11]



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