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Iselle is a guard and the apprentice innkeeper of Byroden's Bliss.



Around 783 PD,[3][1] Iselle (then an infant) and her mother came to Byroden from Drynna, where her mother asked her cousin Wenric if they could stay.[1] Her mother never told him why they had left Drynna, but the two never left Byroden, and Iselle grew up there, living with her mother, Wenric, and Wenric's father at Byroden's Bliss, the local inn.[1] Wenric, who is childless, took Iselle under his wing as his apprentice.[1]

Kith & Kin[]

Around 795,[3][4] at the age of 14, Iselle was older than the other children in Byroden and expected to work at Byroden's Bliss rather than play.[1] However, she was still interested in the childrens' gossip. When an interesting elven man was staying at Byroden's Bliss, Iselle "left the shutters open so the other children"—Duncan, Feena, Tym, Vax'ildan, and Vex'ahlia—"could spy more easily."[1]

Years later, around 802 PD,[3][8] Iselle was still living in Byroden, having survived Thordak's attack on the town.[7] Her uncle Wenric also survived, as did Byroden's Bliss, though it was heavily damaged.[9] It is unknown if the other members of Iselle's family survived. Like the other residents, Iselle did her part working as a guard.[7] When Vax'ildan and Vex'ahlia returned to Byroden for the first time in years and ran into Duncan, he told them he would ask Iselle to take the rest of his watch so that he could explain what had happened.[7]



Wenric is Iselle's uncle and mentor.[1] She and her mother have lived with him at Byroden's Bliss since she was an infant.[1]

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