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Ian Phillips, founder of Iron Tusk Painting, is a painter and consultant of miniatures and terrain pieces for Critical Role since the beginning of Campaign Two. Most notably, he painted the miniatures for the player characters of Campaign Two, UnDeadwood, Exandria Unlimited, and multiple one-shots. He and his work are featured in all episodes of Mini Primetime.

On Critical Role[]

Ian Phillips began working with Critical Role at the beginning of Campaign Two, where he painted the miniatures for the Mighty Nein.[1] His work on the Nein miniatures was featured in every episode of Mini Primetime.[2] He later painted the miniatures for Essek Thelyss appearing in "The Streets of the Forgotten" (2x134) to "Fond Farewells" (2x141)[3] and the miniatures for Trent Ikithon, Astrid Becke, and Eadwulf Grieve appearing in "Fond Farewells" (2x141).[4]

Outside of the main campaigns, he painted miniatures for multiple one-shots, for both miniseries, and videos featuring the Uk'otoa board game.




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