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The Iron Hearth Tavern is an inn and tavern on the west side of Kraghammer in the upper district.[1] It is owned and operated by Adra with an all-male staff. Some of its employees include Giles and Balan.

The Iron Hearth serves ale from Balgus Brewery, the only brewery in Kraghammer.

Building Description[]


The tavern smells of stale alcohol and smoked wood. Some of the tables are half broken and repaired. The ceiling of the tavern is vaulted by dwarven standards, about seven feet high. The tavern has at least three floors, with rooms on the second and third floors that can be rented by the night.

The Iron Hearth features a brawling circle in the tavern area, an oval about 30 feet by 20 feet.


The tavern is a social center of the city, and the noise within can be heard several buildings away. Most of the staff and clientele are dwarves.

Balgus was the reigning (and undefeated) champion of the fighting ring, and he frequented the tavern to get drunk.


"Arrival at Kraghammer" (1x01)[]

Thompson directed Vox Machina to the tavern after Vex'ahlia paid him one gold. Approaching the tavern, they could hear music, laughter, and loud arguing from several buildings away.

Grog Strongjaw could barely stand in the tavern. When the party entered, a group of dwarves laughed and offered to buy Grog a drink. The rest of the party took a table next to the dwarves. Vax'ildan slammed a sack of gold on the table and announced that he was buying every dwarf in the tavern a round. Adra, the owner of the bar, served up steins of ale all around.

Adra gave the party a discount on five rooms for the week at a total cost of 100 gold pieces, paid in advance.



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