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The Iron Bands of Bilarro, or "Manners", is an item carried by Percival. It is a restraining device that, when invoked, wraps its target in iron bands until dismissed.


The item is described as "a rusty iron sphere that is about three inches in diameter and weighs about a pound. It has a bunch of really strange shapes and designs, almost like it was made from condensed chains that were then melted down into a single sphere. It has a really rough texture on the outside."[1]


Vox Machina looted this item from the bodies of a group of cultists encountered in the Smouldercrown Mountains. It was given to Percy, who programmed it to respond to his own command word.[2] When Percy used the item to restrain a cultist in "Thar Amphala" (1x101), the command word he chose was revealed to be "Manners."[3]

Percy used Manners on Scanlan when Scanlan was under the influence of a love potion and invaded Percy and Vex's bedroom in search of his temporary love interest, Percy.[4] It was used on Scanlan once again just after Vax'ildan was claimed by the Raven Queen.[5]


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