The Iron Authority is the name of the hobgoblin nation in the southernmost region of the continent of Tal'Dorei.


The Iron Authority is located on the Beynsfal Plateau, south of the Rifenmist jungle on the Rifenmist Peninsula. The core of the Iron Authority consists of five major city-states who all swear feality to the Iron Emporer in Tz'arrm, the capital and southernmost city on the plateau:[4]


It was on what is now the Benysfal Plateau that one of the last battles of the Calamity took place. Here Bane, the Strife Emperor, and his armies of goblinoid legions fought against the Wildmother and her Free Children and lost. The curse of the Strife Emperor was lifted and the goblinoids were left to their own devices in the barren landscape. When the Strife Emperor was defeated and banished to his planar prison, his iron armor remained and fell to the ground. The helm is used as the palace of the Iron Emperor, while the rest of the armor is used to supply the war machine of the Iron Authority.[5]

After the Calamity, the hobgoblins asserted authority over the different goblin tribes, and the various hobgoblin kingdoms of the plateau launched military campaigns against each other. For most of the history, no hobgoblin tribe dominated for long until they fell to internal distrust and greed.[4]

However, around 722 PD, the Iron Authority emerged and conquered the plateau, but their empire did not fall. With the whole of the Beynsfal Plateau under the control of the Iron Emperor, Tz'Jarr, the Iron Authority began their long war to subjugate the jungle below.[4]


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