Ipess is a gnomish pirate and the former second mate on board the Squall-Eater. As an NPC, Ipess is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Ipess is a sun-burned gnome with a bald head and a bushy, black beard.

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While his banter is a little crazed and hard to follow, he too is a devout follower of Avantika and Uk'otoa.

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"A Pirate's Life for Me" (2x41) Edit

"In Hot Water" (2x43) Edit

Ipess was present for the fierce battle between the crew of the Squall-Eater and The Mighty Nein. Using his skills as a rogue, he fired down on the Mighty Nein from the deck of the ship while they retreated, hitting Caduceus once.[1] After Fjord summoned a Barlgura onto the Squall-Eater's deck he instead turned his attention to the demon until a fireball cast by Caleb felled the creature, injured Ipess and killed many of his crewmates.[2]

As the battle came to a fiery end and local guards began to apprehend all those involved, Ipess checked on an unconscious Vera before he himself was apprehended by the guards.[3] He was last seen still in The Revelry's custody alongside Bouldergut, Jeremiah Willowhisk and another unnamed crewmate after the execution of Avantika.[4]

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  • Cunning Action[5]
  • Expertise
  • Roguish Archetype
  • Sneak Attack (2d6)[6]

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