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Iova is one of the higher-ranking guards of Syngorn. As an NPC, Iova is played by Matthew Mercer.



Iova is an elven woman with deep crimson hair that she wears braided to one side and shaved on the other.[1][6] While on duty, she wears the standard Syngornian guard armor.[7]

When she met Vox Machina at the gates of Syngorn, Iova was more "battle-hardened" than when the twins had last seen her.[8]


Vex'ahlia described Iova as a teacher "with a no-nonsense approach", who saw the half-elves as "inferior in the same way all non-elves were"—a step up from how they were treated by most Syngornian elves.[1] Iova was tough on Vex'ahlia: she "had no qualms letting her bruise herself until she learned".[1] However, Iova also reluctantly admitted that the half-elf was a good archer.[9]

When she encountered the twins again, years later, Iova was "aloof and distanced" but respectful.[10]


Kith & Kin[]

Around 797 PD,[11][1] Ambassador Syldor Vessar hired Iova as an archery tutor for his half-elven children, Vax'ildan and Vex'ahlia.[1] She was also working as a guardswoman at the time.[9] She was hard on her students, especially Vex'ahlia, but was more willing than most elves to acknowledge their skill.[12] Iova expected Vex'ahlia to continue practicing until she reached perfection and to care for her bow.[13] Two weeks prior to High Warden Tyrelda's visit to Syldor's home, Iova mentioned to Vex'ahlia that she thought the children should be attending school.[14]

Iova and Tharendril were present when Syldor and the High Warden arrived, and she bowed respectfully to Tyrelda.[14] Iova did not intervene when the High Warden asked Vex'ahlia to demonstrate her archery; the half-elf performed poorly due to her exhaustion.[15]

"The Feywild" (1x59)[]

By the time she next encountered Vax'ildan and Vex'ahlia, Iova had risen up to a leadership position within the guard, to the rank of Watcher.[16] She recognized the twins when they arrived at the gates with Vox Machina and Garmelie, and asked them what their business was.[17] She called off the other archers and opened the gates for them.[18] She was surprised that the twins had returned to the city, particularly while it was in the Feywild.[19] She told them that the party would be followed through the city until the guard was told otherwise, and that Syldor would be informed of their arrival.[20] She welcomed them to Syngorn.[21]

Character Information[]


Iova is a talented and graceful archer. She was hired by Syldor Vessar to tutor his children in combat, and particularly archery.[1]

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