Ioun, the Knowing Mistress, also known as the Knowing Mentor,[3] is the goddess of knowledge, prophecy, and skill. She opposes Vecna, who deals in dark secrets and hidden knowledge. As an NPC, Ioun is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Ioun appears as an older woman with long, wavy silver hair. Her skin is weathered and wrinkled around her almond shaped eyes with purple irises. She wears blue and white robes that tumble out from her form in tendrils of parchment.[6]

Ioun has a large, darkened gash of black, curling void in her stomach.[7]

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In the Campaign One scenes where she is encountered by Vox Machina, Ioun comes across as a rather kindly, and even rather tolerant deity. The one thing she is intolerant of (or perhaps impatient with) is the keeping of secrets and the hiding of knowledge. This is the reason given as to why she chose Scanlan as her champion rather than Percy, who to many seemed a more obvious choice. This is a bit ironic considering her own secretiveness about her presence and location, though such caution's necessity was made evident by her unhealed wound.

Ioun Symbols

Symbols of Ioun & her followers

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Ioun is frequently represented in religious iconography by either a triple eye symbol (such as the one shown at the top of the page or to the immediate right) or a unique eye-and-staff symbol, as shown center right.

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Ancient Ziggurat Temples Edit

Tal'Dorei Edit


Fan art of the ziggurat beneath Whitestone, by Son of Joxer.[art 1]

Beneath the castle of Whitestone lies an ancient underground ziggurat, which was a temple to Ioun. Some 800 years ago,[8] the land around that ziggurat was the site of a divine battle, in which Ioun and the god Pelor sought to banish the Chained Oblivion. Ioun was badly wounded in that battle,[9] and Pelor blessed the land with his own Sun Tree to watch over and protect her hidden temple.[citation needed]

Issylra Edit

The space underneath the guild hall of the Slayer's Take in Vasselheim holds another ziggurat, where Vanessa Cyndrial brings Vox Machina for their induction into the Take. The gynosphinx Osysa also resides within the walls of the temple.

Marquet Edit

Scanlan Shorthalt and Lionel Gayheart discovered a ziggurat on the continent of Marquet,[10] within the Smouldercrown Mountains. Here Delilah conducted a second, or possibly third, ritual for Vecna before Vox Machina could interfere.[11]

Wildemount Edit

The Knowing Mistress is one of the deities approved for worship within the Dwendalian Empire.[12]

Archives of The Cobalt Soul Edit

Worshipped in Ziggurat temples in the old days, Ioun finds her current worshippers gathering not in conventional temples, but rather in libraries dedicated to furthering her goals of fostering knowledge and enlightenment. The general policy of The Cobalt Soul branches is to be open to the public under supervision, though they have off-limits areas requiring special approval for access. After signing in, a monk is assigned as a watchful escort. Within the public areas, attendees can read and take notes on the materials within, though removing items from the library is strictly forbidden.[13]The following archive locations are currently known in the campaign world:

The Cobalt ReserveEdit

the Cobalt Reserve is a well-fortified library in Westruun. From its exterior, it is a grand dome of blue, polished stone, and within, its collection of knowledge is so great enough to draw individuals from far and wide to study here.

The Cobalt VaultEdit

The Cobalt Vault is the order’s headquarters on the continent of Issylra. The Curator of the Vasselheim branch, at the time of the events of Campaign Two, had dual leadership of the Cobalt Soul with the High Curator of Rexxentrum.[14]

The Valley Archive of the Cobalt SoulEdit

This library is located on the western side of the Pentamarket in the Interstead Sprawl of Zadash,[15] Like all archives, it is filled with tomes and writings

Rexxentrum Archive of the Cobalt SoulEdit

One of the two headquarters of the Cobalt Soul, the other being in Vasselheim, this library is easily larger than the Zadash archive by fifty-percent or more. There are multiple floors, with at least four full fifteen-foot high tiers visible from the interior, with many little pocket chambers. Walkways connect the tiers. In the basement are teleportation circles to Vasselheim, Westruun, Port Damali, and Zadash. The exterior is a beautiful cerulean building marked by four short multi-level domed towers of polished blue stone in the Tangles, a neighborhood in Rexxentrum.

Other Archives of the Cobalt Soul in WildemountEdit

As of yet we only have had a view of the teleportation room of the archive in Port Damali, which does not have transportation to Vasselheim, unlike both Rexxentrum and Zadash.[16]

Commandments of the Knowing Mistress Edit

Commandments of the Knowing Mistress

  • Unmask those who would destroy the Knowing Mistress. Learn their secrets and unveil them to the world.

  • Uphold and teach the importance of reason, perception, and truth in guiding one’s emotions and path.

  • Condemn those who lie, even among your allies, for evil folk gain power when their followers obscure the truth. Never stoop to the level of liars.

Known Worshipers Edit

From the Rexxentrum Archive of the Cobalt SoulEdit

  • High Curator Yudala Fon - Has dual leadership of the Cobalt Soul with the Curator of the Cobalt Vault of Vasselheim.[17]
  • Archivist Kathedoc[18] - Handles the teleportation room.

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From the Cobalt VaultEdit

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Ioun was one of the gods who fought against the Chained Oblivion during the Calamity, around 800 years ago. She was badly wounded by the traitor god in that battle and has been recovering, in hiding, ever since.[8][2]

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