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Mystic Iotha is the leader of the Wisher pixies that lived in the Moonbrush. As an NPC, she was played by Matthew Mercer.



Iotha's glowing halo around her body is a deeper purple than those of the other pixies.[3] She is an older pixie, with whiter hair that was wild around her face. Her wings are tattered and worn.[4]




"Denizens of the Moonbrush" (1x61)[]

Mystic Iotha and a contingent of Wisher pixies met with Vox Machina while they were in the Feywild. Vox Machina welcomed them to their camp and explained that the group of lycans lead by Ukurat tried to force them to do the pixies harm. The fairies noticed Grog was wounded, and this disquieted them greatly. Iotha cast a petrification spell on him, turning him to stone, and the conversation continued. The party tried to convince the fairies that they were afraid of the lycans, and all they wanted was to leave and continue their search for the cancerous tree. The pixies eventually agreed to let them leave but refused to un-petrify Grog and attempted to take him with them as the price for the rest of the party's freedom. Percy cast Hex on Iotha, initiating combat.

During the fight, Iotha attempted to cast some sort of spell, but Scanlan Counterspelled her. Vax successfully poisoned her with one of his daggers. Keyleth attempted to cast Sunbeam at Iotha but she Counterspelled it. Iotha was ultimately killed in the fight when Vex shot her with an arrow, impaling her to a tree.


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