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Intuit charges are powerful magical bombs created by the people of Aeor during the Age of Arcanum before their fall in the Calamity.


To arm an intuit charge, a creature must make spend one minute and succeed on an Arcana check. Once armed, it can be triggered telepathically by the creature who set it, so long as they are on the same plane of existence as the charge. Alternatively, it can be set to trigger when a creature comes within 60 feet of it.

When an intuit charge is triggered, creatures within 300 feet must make a DC 20 Wisdom saving throw, taking 10d10 psychic damage on a failed save, and half as much on a success. Creatures that failed their saving throw are also stunned for one minute, and can repeat the saving throw to end the effect.

An intuit charge can be disabled by casting Dispel Magic on it. Cast at 4th-level, no skill check or roll was required for success.[1] Once a charge has been disabled, it cannot be reused until the next dawn.[2]


A box containing an intuit charge was found by Veth Brenatto in the ruins of A2.[3] Four more were discovered in the Tombtakers' backpack recovered by the party along with a threshold crest.[4]

The Mighty Nein expended three of them in setting a successful trap for the Tombtakers in "Hunter and Hunted" (2x133), leading to the deaths of Zoran Kluthidol, Otis Brunkel, and Tyffial Wase. The remaining Tombtakers, Lucien and Cree, retaliated by using three charges against the party on level B-9 of the Genesis Ward, only one of which actually triggered. The other two were successfully dispelled and recovered by the party.[5]

At Cognouza, Lucien used a group of ten intuit charges to heavily wound the Somnovem, allowing him to draw them into himself and take control of Cognouza.[6]


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