Intellect devourer

Depiction of an intellect devourer.

Intellect devourers are small creatures in the worlds of Critical Role, Dungeons & Dragons, and Pathfinder.

Creature Information Edit

Intellect devourers resemble brains with four legs that are similar to most animals'. They reside deep in the Underdark with the mind flayers.

They seem to act as some sort of pet or extension of illithids; whether they are illithid creations or they naturally reproduce in the world of Critical Role is unknown.

During Vox Machina's adventures in the Underdark an intellect devourer put Grog into a catatonic state with one attack due to the barbarian's already low intelligence score of 6.[1] Intellect devourers also accompanied the illithid party that entered the elder brain Temple in Yug'Voril that Vox Machina was forced to fight.

Abilities Edit

While intellect devourers are physically weak, they can easily cripple any individual of low intelligence.

  • Devour Intelligence
  • Mind Blast

References Edit

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